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Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration Training

What Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration training is all about?

Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration Training is developed to help professionals gain comprehensive knowledge about the advanced database administration skills, including online schema changes, stored procedures, partition management, and the use of packages. This technical training program also familiarize you with the availability and performance features of the utilities. To train all your employees at once, you can check out our enterprise training program.

It provides comprehensive information on program preparations, partition management, and online schema change processes and strategies. Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration Training is suitable for database administrators who want to improve their skills and build credibility. In this course, you will learn about REORG features and processes such as LOAD and REBUILD INDEX, and UNLOAD overview and processes. It also provides in-depth information on native procedure deployment and stored procedures.


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What are the course objectives for Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration training?
  • Deploying the native procedure.
  • Preparing program and utilizing the packages.
  • Elaborating about UNLOAD processes and its overview.
  • REORG processes and features.
  • Managing partition and storing procedures.
  • Changing strategies for an online scheme and other processes.
Who should attend Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration training?

The target audience for Db2 12 For ZOS Advanced Database Administration Training are professionals working as Database Administrators.

What is the course outline for Db2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration training?
  • 1. Program preparation and the use of packages part 1
  • a). Program preparation overview
  • b). Execution time errors
  • c). BIND actions
  • d). Package status and REBIND
  • e). Deleting a package
  • f). Determining the table/view qualifier
  • 2. Online schema changes part 1
  • a). Changing data type
  • b). Adding columns to a table
  • c). Renaming columns in a table
  • d). Renaming indexes
  • e). Adding columns to indexes
  • f). Versioning
  • 3. Online schema changes part 2
  • a). Pending online schema changes
  • b). Dropping columns from a table
  • c). Converting to UTS
  • d). Other pending changes
  • e). Impact of pending changes on immediate options
  • f). Restrictions and considerations
  • 4. Partition management part 1
  • a). Adding partitions
  • b). Rotating partitions
  • 5. Partition management part 2
  • a). Modifying limit keys
  • b). Rebalancing partitions
  • 6. Stored procedures part 1
  • a). External stored procedures
  • b). WLM-established application environments
  • c). Altering and dropping a stored procedure
  • d). Commands for stored procedures
  • e). Execution privileges
  • f). Catalog information
  • h). LOAD with parallel index build
  • i). LOAD partitions in parallel
  • k). Inline image copies and statistics
  • 7. REORG
  • a). Performance features of REORG
  • b). Online REORG
  • c). Inline image copies and statistics
  • d). Considerations for PBG table spaces
  • e). Online REORG with LOBs (optional)
  • 8. UNLOAD
  • a). Overview
  • b). Image copy specification
  • c). Table-only input specification
  • d). SHRLEVEL option
  • e). Modes of operation
  • 9. Program preparation and the use of packages part 2 (optional)
  • a). Table mirroring
  • b). Package versioning
  • c). Plan management
  • d). Other REBIND PACKAGE options
  • e). Application compatibility
  • 10. Stored procedures part 2 (optional)
  • a). Native stored procedures
  • b). Native procedure deployment
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