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Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 Training

What Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 training is all about?

The Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 is the introductory course that provides the developers with the detailed walk-through of the IBM Operational Decision Manager platform. The course teaches the basics and essentials that the Operational Decision Manager platform requires for designing, developing, and integrating a business rule solution by using a platform.

The course outlines a detailed and complete overview of the Operational Decision Manager. The platform and the course, both comprise of the dual environment, Decision Server, and Decision Centre. Both the environments target technical and business users, respectively.

Although the course targets and teaches both the environments, you can choose your environment based on your responsibilities. Our Enterprise Training program is best for companies.


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What are the course objectives for Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 training?
  • Working with Operational Decision Manager fundamentals supporting decision governance.
  • Describing the advantages to implement the decision management solution by Operational Decision Manager
  • Identifying user-key roles that are evolved in developing and designing a decision management solution covering the tasks connected with every role
  • Describing the progress process to build the business rule app and collaborating between development and business teams.
  • Customizing and Setting up the Business Object Model (BOM) and terms for rule authorizations.
  • Implementing the Execution Object Model (XOM) enabling the rule implementation.
  • Orchestrating rule execution throughout ruleflows.
  • Authorizing rule artifacts for implementing the business policies
  • Debugging the business rule apps to assure that the applied into the business logic error-free.
  • Auditing and monitoring execution of decided services.
  • Integrating decision services for managing execution along with enterprise environment.
  • Deploying and packaging decision services for production and testing environments.
Who should attend Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 training?

This training is designed for programmers and professionals working as Developers can sign up for this course.

What is the course outline for Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.10 training?
  • 1. Unit 1
  • a). What is a business rule?
  • b). Why the need for decision management?
  • c). What is operational decision management?
  • d). Introducing IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • e). ODM packaging
  • f). ODM roles
  • g). Governance and decision management
  • 2. Unit 2
  • a). Using an agile development approach
  • b). Designing the business rule application
  • c). Setting up decision services
  • d). Project properties
  • e). Using modular project organization
  • f). Sharing and synchronizing decision services
  • 3. Unit 3
  • i). Introducing decision modeling in Decision Center
  • a). Creating decision models
  • b). Modeling with IBM Decision Composer
  • 4. Unit 4
  • a). Introducing ruleset integration and execution
  • b). What is a decision engine?
  • c). Understanding rule execution modes
  • d). RetePlus example: Trucks and drivers
  • 5. Unit 5
  • a). Designing the models
  • b). Defining business and execution object models
  • c). Editing the business object model
  • d). Mapping the BOM to the XOM
  • e). Working with the vocabulary
  • f). Refactoring
  • 6. Unit 6
  • a). Controlling rule execution: Overview
  • b). Designing ruleflows
  • c). Controlling rule selection for execution
  • d). Controlling rule order during rule execution
  • 7. Unit 7
  • a). From business policy to business rules
  • b). Authoring action rules with BAL
  • c). Authoring decision tables
  • d). Advanced Rule Language (ARL)
  • e). Technical rules
  • f). Defining objects that are used in rules
  • 8. Unit 8
  • a). Simplifying vocabulary with categories
  • b). Defining domains
  • c). Static domains
  • d). Dynamic domains
  • e). Updating dynamic domains in Decision Center
  • 9. Unit 9
  • a). Searching for rule artifacts
  • b). Querying rules
  • c). Extracting rulesets
  • 10. Unit 10
  • a). Working with launch configurations
  • b). Automatic exception handling
  • c). Using Rule Designer debugging tools
  • 11. Unit 11
  • a). Overview of testing and simulation
  • b). Setting up testing and simulation
  • c). Working with scenarios
  • 12. Unit 12
  • a). Introducing managed execution
  • b). Deploying decision services
  • c). Managing XOMs
  • d). Managing resources with Ant tasks
  • e). Managing resources through the REST API
  • f). Building RuleApps with the Build Command Maven plug-in
  • 13. Unit 13
  • a). Managed execution with Rule Execution Server
  • b). Rule Execution Server modular architecture
  • c). Managed execution in action
  • d). Platforms for Rule Execution Server
  • e). Introducing the Rule Execution Server API
  • f). Executing rules in Java SE
  • g). Executing rules in Java EE
  • h). Executing rules as transparent decision services
  • 14. Unit 14
  • a). Auditing ruleset execution
  • b). Monitoring ruleset execution
  • 15. Unit 15
  • a). Overview of the ruleset execution REST API.
  • b). Testing ruleset execution with the REST API
  • c). Working with OpenAPI and API Connect
  • 16. Unit 16
  • a). What is decision governance?
  • b). Operational Decision Manager support for governance
  • c). Decision governance framework
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