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Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.10 Training

What Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.10 training is all about?

Decision Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights is a training that discusses and encloses all the rules and events that are available on the platform. With such a discussion, you will be able to understand the Decision Server Insights thoroughly and in-depth.

The Developing Solutions with IBM Server Insights V8.2 training will shed light on using the platform to build applications that are decision-makers in themselves. The real-time decision-making applications are taught and built up live by giving you hands-on experiences.

You will learn to apply all the logical reasoning cases to program the application. The real-time based live location based programming is taught to implement in the application. The application is then asked to undergo testing for several purposes as a part of the assignment.


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What are the course objectives for Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.10 training?
  • Describing about the Decision Server Insights programming architecture and model.
  • Designing and creating solution for the Decision Server Insights.
  • Defining the business models for the entities, concepts and events related to the domain.
  • Functioning with aggregates utilized in calculation transversely events.
  • Implementing business logic covering rule agents, detecting business situations.
  • Deploying Solutions to the Insight Server runtime behavior and runtime.
  • Administering, configuring and installing the Decision Server Insights grid environment.
  • Explaining and integrating the Decision Server Insights capabilities
  • Deploying solutions to test runtime behavior and Insight Server runtime.
Who should attend Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.10 training?

This training is designed for programmers and professionals working as Developers can sign up for this course.

What is the course outline for Developing Solutions with IBM Decision Server Insights V8.10 training?
  • 1. Introducing IBM Decision Server Insights
  • a). Exercise: Getting started with Decision Server Insights
  • 2. Designing Decision Server Insights solutions
  • a). Exercise: Creating a solution in Insight Designer
  • 3. Creating the business model
  • a). Exercise: Defining the business model
  • 4. Authoring the business logic
  • a). Exercise: Creating a rule agent
  • b). Exercise: Writing and testing rules
  • 5. Working with aggregates
  • a). Exercise: Using event and shared aggregates in rules
  • b). Exercise: Testing for the absence of events
  • 6. Testing solutions
  • a). Exercise: Testing solutions
  • 7. Modeling and defining connectivity
  • a). Exercise: Defining connectivity
  • 8. Integrating Decision Server Insights
  • 9. Configuring Insight Server
  • a). Exercise: Installing Decision Server Insights
  • b). Exercise: Configuring Decision Server Insights
  • 10. Managing deployment
  • a). Exercise: Deploying solutions
  • 11. Administering Decision Server Insights
  • a). Exercise: Administering Decision Server Insights
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