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Google Analytics And AdWords Combo Training





Course Description

Google Analytics and AdWords Combo Training is a comprehensive blend of both Google Analytics and Google AdWords Training. It contains in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics and Google AdWords features and work structure. This technical course teaches you to implement and manage Google Analytics properly and configure funnels, goals, and filters more effectively. It guides individuals to write and create successful ads for their Google AdWords Campaigns and help them report and analyze campaign performance.

Our enterprise training program is ideal for organizations and companies. It is also suitable for individuals interested in developing a better understanding of Google Analytics and Google AdWords and professionals who want to pass the Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certification exam. You will know how to optimize and enhance keywords for pay-per-click campaigns, analyze conversion and behavior more effectively, and all the essential elements regarding Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

  • How to optimize Campaigns for budget and leads.
  • How to implement advance features of Google AWords.
  • How to analyze campaign performance and utilization of Google Adwords Editor.
  • How to create Ad campaign covering optimizing of keywords.
  • How to set up Google Adwords Account.
  • How to analyze visitors’ conversions and behavior.
  • How to analyze website traffic.
  • How to configure alerting and monitoring.
  • How to configure funnels, filters and goals.
  • How to manage Google analytics account.
  • How to set up Google analytics.
Who Should Attend?

The target audience for this training are professional marketers who are in-deep interest to target marketing for high conversion potential and quick leads. However, the business owners having deep interest in real time demographic performance can seek to sign up for this training.

Course Details
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1572
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