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HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials Training

What HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials training is all about?

This training is intended for professionals working as big data analysts. Professionals who want to utilize HBase NOSQL Database which operates on top of HDFS providing real-time write/read access to sparse datasets can sign up for this training. Other topics covered in this training are: HBase schema design, services, installation and architectures.


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What are the course objectives for HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials training?
  • How to Optimize HBase Access.
  • Integrating HBase with HDFS and Hadoop.
  • Learning about Architectural components of HBase.
  • Functionalities of HBase.
  • Configuring and installing HBase.
  • Designing for HBase Scheme.
  • Exporting and importing data.
  • Recovery and Backup.
  • Managing and Monitoring HBase.
  • Apache Phoenix functions with HBase.
  • Integrating HBase with Apache ZooKeeper.
  • Learning about HBase data operations and services.
Who should attend HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials training?

This training is intended for software developers, analysts and architects who know how to implement non-SQL databases.

What are the prerequisites for HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials training?

The recommended prerequisite for this training is familiarity with data management systems.

What is the course outline for HDP Analyst Apache HBase Essentials training?
  • 1. Hands-On Labs
  • Using Hadoop and MapReduce
  • Using HBase
  • Importing Data from MySQL to HBase
  • Using Apache ZooKeeper
  • Examining Configuration Files
  • Using Backup and Snapshot
  • HBase Shell Operations
  • Creating Tables with Multiple Column Families
  • Exploring HBase Schema
  • Blocksize and Bloom filters
  • Exporting Data
  • Using a Java Data Access Object Application to Interact with HBase
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