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IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) Training

What IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) training is all about?

IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) Training is developed to help professionals gain in-depth knowledge of Active Report content and functionality in the IBM Cognos Analytics 11. This technical course also enables you to elevate your IBM Cognos Analytics experience by creating an interactive report with Active Report controls. These reports can be shared and used by users in a disconnected environment, which includes mobile devices.

Our enterprise training program is best for companies and organizations. It teaches you to inspect IBM Cognos Active Reports and guides you by using Active Report connections to include interactions in Active Reports. You will develop a better understanding of Active Report security and learn how to save an Active Report to an MHT file, as a report template, as well as a prompt page. You will also learn the right techniques to optimize chart behavior and master-detail relationships.


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What are the course objectives for IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) training?
  • Overview of IBM Cognos Active Reports.
  • Examining about IBM Cognos Active Reports.
  • Conversion of an accessible report for an active report.
  • Adding interactions in Active Reports utilizing connections of an Active Report.
  • Creating the basic Active Report.
  • Examining interacting behavior and controlling Active Reports.
  • Saving the report in IBM Cognos Analytics Portal.
  • Saving the Active Report as report template.
  • Utilizing an Active Report as a timely page.
  • Understanding the security of Active Reports.
  • Utilizing connection of Active Reports.
  • Examining and filtering about Active Report connections.
  • Selecting and filtering controls by utilizing Active Report Connections.
  • Examining variables.
  • Utilizing the single variable and controlling multiple.
  • Utilizing controls for Active Reports to assist mobile device usages.
  • Optimizing and understanding chart behavior.
  • Optimizing utilization of decks.
  • Reviewing the relationships about Master Detail.
Who should attend IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) training?

This course is intended for report authors who are wants to develop their skills into content disconnected and report content from IBM Cognos Servers.

What is the course outline for IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Active Reports (v11.0) training?
  • 1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Active Reports
  • a). Examine IBM Cognos Active Reports
  • b). Convert an existing report into an Active Report
  • c). Add interactions in Active Reports using Active Report connections
  • d). Create a basic Active Report
  • e). Examine interactive behavior of Active Report controls
  • f). Save a report in the IBM Cognos Analytics portal
  • g). Save an Active Report to an MHT file
  • h). Save an Active Report as a report template
  • i). Use an Active Report as a prompt page
  • j). Active Report security
  • 2. Use Active Report Connections
  • a). Examine Active Report connections
  • b). Filter and select in controls using Active Report connections
  • c). Examine variables
  • d). Use a single variable to control multiple controls
  • e). Use multiple variables to show different data in different controls
  • f). Use Active Report controls to support mobile device usage
  • 3. Active Report Charts and Decks
  • a). Add charts to active reports
  • b). Optimize chart behavior
  • c). Decks and data decks
  • d). Optimize use of decks
  • e). Master Detail relationships
  • f). RAVE visualizations
  • 4. Labs: Hands-on
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