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IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) Training

What IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) training is all about?

IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) Training is designed to help report authors build their expertise with IBM Cognos by implementing dimensional techniques to reports. This technical training program educates individuals on how to author reports that manipulate and navigate data structures with the help of specific features and functions present in IBM Cognos Analytics.

Our enterprise training program is best for companies and organizations. In this program, you will develop a better understanding of reporting styles and dimensional concepts, and learn to create reports by utilizing dimensional data items such as levels, members, and hierarchies. It teaches you to project reports with dimensional techniques like slicers, edge filters, and filter functions. This program guides you through setting up drill-through to access from a data source to another, and you will also learn to assess reports with drill-down and drill-up techniques.


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What are the course objectives for IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) training?
  • Dimensional concepts, structures, report contexts and data in reports.
  • Focusing in the dimensional data.
  • Dimensional and other functionalities in calculations.
  • How to navigate the dimensional features.
  • Relevant functionalities.
  • Modern drilled techniques.
  • Drilled via reports.
  • End-End workshops.
Who should attend IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) training?

This course is recommended for report authors who are functioning with the dimensional data sources. However, entry level professionals working in IBM Cognos Analytics can also sign up for this training.

What is the course outline for IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (v11.0) training?
  • 1. Introduction to Dimensional Concepts
  • a). Different data sources and models
  • b). OLAP dimensional structure
  • c). Dimensional data items and expressions
  • d). Differentiate the IBM Cognos Analytics query language from SQL and MDX
  • e). Differentiate relational and dimensional report authoring styles
  • 2. Introduction to Dimensional Data in Reports
  • a). Work with members
  • b). Identify sets and tuples in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • 3. Dimensional Report Context
  • a). Purpose of report context
  • b). How data is affected by default and root members
  • 4. Focus Your Dimensional Data
  • a). Compare dimensional queries to relational queries
  • b). Importance of filtering dimensional queries
  • c). Different filtering techniques
  • d). Filter based on dimensions and members
  • e). Filter based on measure values
  • f). Filter using a slicer
  • 5. Calculations and Dimensional Functions
  • a). Use IBM Cognos Analytics dimensional functions to create sets and tuples
  • b). Perform arithmetic operations in OLAP queries
  • c). Identify coercion errors and rules
  • 6. Functions for Navigating Dimensional Hierarchies
  • a). Navigate dimensional data using family functions
  • 7. Relative Functions
  • a). Navigate dimensional data using relative functions
  • b). Navigate dimensional data using relative time functions
  • 8. Advanced Drilling Techniques and Member Sets
  • a). Default drill-up and drill-down functionality
  • b). Identify cases when you need to override default drilling behavior
  • c). Configure advanced drilling behavior to support sophisticated use cases
  • d). Define member sets to support advanced drilling
  • e). Define member sets to support functions
  • 9. Set Up Drill-Through Reports
  • a). Navigate from a specific report to a target report
  • b). Drill down to greater detail and then navigate to target report
  • c). Navigate between reports created using different data sources
  • 10. End-to-End Workshop
  • a). Review concepts covered throughout the course
  • 11. Labs: Hands-on
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