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IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) Training

What IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) training is all about?

IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) Training provides in-depth knowledge and detailed explanation of the basic concepts of installing and configuring IBM Cognos and administering content and servers in a distributed environment. You get to learn about the administration workflow and the IBM Cognos Analytics overall structure’s features. It teaches you to inspect the multi-tiered architecture and recognize logging files and types.

Upon completion of this training program, you will know the requirements of installing and configuring a distributed IBM Cognos Analytics Software environment, apply security, and handle the server components. Our enterprise training program is best for companies and organizations. You will also get to create data, schedule and monitor tasks, and handle and launch content in the IBM Cognos Administration. This training program also helps you recognize security policies, protect the IBM Cognos Analytics environment, and define authentication and authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics.


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What are the course objectives for IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) training?
  • Examining the administration capability.
  • Managing the content.
  • Managing and running activities.
  • Administering the server environment.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Introduction to Congnos Analytics administration.
  • Learn about Cognos Analytics architecture.
Who should attend IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) training?

The target audience for IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.X) Training are administrators. However, entry level professionals working in IBM Cognos Analytics can also sign up for this training.

What is the course outline for IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) training?
  • 1. Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics administration
  • 2. 
  • 3. IBM Cognos Analytics components
  • 4. Administration workflow
  • 5. IBM Cognos Administration
  • 6. IBM Cognos Configuration
  • 7. 
  • 8. 
  • 9. Identify IBM Cognos Analytics architecture
  • a). Features of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture
  • b). Examine the multi-tiered architecture, and identify logging types and files
  • c). Examine IBM Cognos Analytics servlets
  • d). Performance and installation planning
  • e). Balance the request load
  • f). Configure IBM Cognos Analytics
  • 10. Secure your IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  • a). Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics security model
  • b). Define authentication in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • c). Define authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics
  • d). Identify security policies
  • e). Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  • 11. Administer your IBM Cognos Analytics server environment
  • a). Administer IBM Cognos Analytics servers
  • 12. Monitor system performance
  • a). Manage dispatchers and services
  • b). Tune system performance, and troubleshoot the server
  • c). Audit logging
  • d). Dynamic cube data source administration workflow
  • 13. Manage run activities
  • a). View current, past, and upcoming activities
  • b). Manage schedules
  • 14. Manage content in IBM Cognos Administration
  • a). Data sources and packages
  • b). Manage visualizations in the library
  • 15. Deployment
  • a). Other content management tasks
  • 16. Examine departmental administration capabilities
  • a). Create and manage team members
  • b). Manage activities
  • c). Create and manage content and data
  • d). Manage system settings
  • e). Manage Themes, Extensions, and Views
  • f). Share services with multiple tenants
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