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IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) Training

What IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) training is all about?

IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) Training is developed for professionals to get familiar with foundational to advanced knowledge of metadata modeling concepts. This technical course teaches professionals to use Framework Manager to model metadata for predictable analysis and reporting.

This training program is relatively detailed, making it perfect for data modelers who want to build their credibility in the market. From initial project creation to enabling users to author reports, analyze data, and publish metadata to the web, this technical training program contains everything in metadata modeling process. In this program, you will learn about the Cognos Framework Manager, advanced and extended capabilities. It teaches you to perform key management, maintain a model and run projects to update or automate a report on a model, and remap metadata to a different source and connect and import extra data sources.


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What are the course objectives for IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) training?
  • Elaborating about Cognos Framework Manger.
  • Extended and advanced capabilities.
  • Modeling for the presentation views.
  • Modeling for the expected outcomes.
Who should attend IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) training?

The target audience for this course are Data Modelers holding a very good experience in data modeling. However, the secondary audience for this training are Hand Modelers.

What is the course outline for IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) training?
  • 1. Introduction to IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • a). Model data and identifying related data
  • b). Define requirements and modeling strategies
  • c). Overview of IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • d). Create a baseline project
  • e). Extend a model
  • f). Prepare reusable metadata
  • 2. Model for predictable results in IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • a). Identify query issues
  • b). Identify reporting traps
  • c). Model virtual star schemas
  • d). Use query subjects, modify relationships, and consolidate metadata using virtual objects
  • e). Create calculations, filter data, and customize metadata for runtime
  • f). Implement a time dimension and specify determinants
  • 3. Model for presentation in IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • a). Create a presentation view
  • b). Examine data source query subject types and stored procedure query subject types
  • c). Specify data security and package security
  • d). Specify object security and dynamic data security
  • e). Create analysis objects
  • f). Manage OLAP data sources
  • 4. Advanced capabilities in IBM Cognos Framework Manager
  • a). Explore SQL generation and the use of governors
  • b). Examine the use of IBM Cognos SQL and generated SQL for DMR data
  • c). Other query considerations
  • d). Use session parameters, prompt macros, and security macro functions
  • e). Use materialized views, minimize SQL, and enable Dynamic Query Mode (DQM)
  • f). DQM, CQM, caching metadata, query processing, aggregate calculation, and other ways to improve performance
  • 5. Extended capabilities in IBM Cognos Framework Manager (Optional)
  • a). Perform basic maintenance and management on a model
  • b). Remap metadata to another source and import and link additional data sources
  • c). Run scripts to automate or update a model and report on a model
  • d). Segment a project, link a project, and branch a model
  • e). Nest packages and specify package languages and functions
  • f). Explore additional modeling techniques and customize metadata for a multilingual audience
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