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IBM SPSS Modeler Foundations (V18.2) Training


IBM SPSS Modeler Foundations (V18.2) Training is designed to help professionals develop a better understanding of the foundations of IBM SPSS Modeler.

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Course Description

IBM SPSS Modeler Foundations (V18.2) Training is designed to help professionals develop a better understanding of the foundations of IBM SPSS Modeler.

This technical training program familiarizes you with data science and explains its practice and principles.

It teaches you the techniques to import, prepare, and export data with IBM Modeler v18.2 and helps you gain knowledge about modeling.

Check out the Enterprise Training program, which is perfect for organizations & companies.

You will get to learn about collecting initial data, understanding the data, and integrating data. IBM SPSS Modeler Foundations (V18.2) Training teaches you to set the unit of analysis, and transform fields and helps you improve efficiency and examine relationships.

It is suitable for business analysts and data scientists who want to extend their knowledge base and boost their credibility. 

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Developed effectuality.
  • green-tick Elaborating about the modeling.
  • green-tick Examining about the relationships.
  • green-tick Transformations for further fields.
  • green-tick Transformed fields.
  • green-tick Integrating the data.
  • green-tick Setting and analyzing the units.
  • green-tick Understanding the data.
  • green-tick Collecting an initial data.


  • Understand your business requirements. 

Who should attend this course?

This training is recommended for Business Analysts who want to enhance their skills for the same.

However, the target audience for this course are data scientists.


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  • Introduction to data science
  • Describe the CRISP-DM methodology
  • Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Build models and apply them to new data
  • Describe field storage
  • Describe field measurement level
  • Import from various data formats
  • Export to various data formats
  • Audit the data
  • Check for invalid values
  • Take action for invalid values
  • Define blanks
  • Remove duplicates
  • Aggregate data
  • Transform nominal fields into flags
  • Restructure data
  • Append datasets
  • Merge datasets
  • Sample records
  • Derive fields
  • Reclassify fields
  • Bin fields
  • Use functions
  • Replace field values
  • Transform distributions
  • Examine the relationship between two categorical fields
  • Examine the relationship between a categorical and continuous field
  • Examine the relationship between two continuous fields
  • Describe modeling objectives
  • Create supervised models
  • Create segmentation models
  • Use database scalability by SQL pushback
  • Process outliers and missing values with the Data Audit node
  • Use the Set Globals node
  • Use parameters
  • Use looping and conditional execution
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      Duration: 2 Days

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