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IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials (v25) Training





Course Description

IBM SPSS Statistics Essentials (v25) Training is aimed at professionals to learn more about the fundamentals of using IBM SPSS Statistics for the classic data analytics process. This technical course educates individuals on the fundamentals of the data definition, data modification, reading data, data assessment and presentation of analytical results. Our enterprise training program is ideal for organizations and companies. It teaches you to transform variables and utilize functions to compute them.

You will learn to merge data files, and it also helps you choose cases for analyses and summarize individual variables. This program is suitable for professionals who want to get familiar with IBM SPSS Statistics program and individuals who are thinking of purchasing it. Through this course, you will learn various essential aspects, including customizing pivot tables, working with syntax, and chart customization and creation.

  • Brief introduction of IBM SPSS Statistics.
  • Defining and reading metadata.
  • Transforming the variables.
  • Utilizing functionalities to compute the variables.
  • Setting the unit analysis.
  • Merging the data files.
  • Choosing cases for analysts.
  • Summarizing the individuals’ variables.
  • Describing the relationships between the variables.
  • Creating the presentation ready tables covering customized tables.
  • Customizing the pivot tables.
  • Customizing and creating charts.
  • Functioning with the syntax.
  • Controlling the IBM statistics environment.
Who Should Attend?

This learning is designed for data analysts having minimum experience in IBM SPSS. Moreover, the target audience for this training are Business analysts and BFFs can also sign for this course.

Course Details
  • Start Date: May 17, 2021
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • More Schedules: Click
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1574
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