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Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) Training

What Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) training is all about?

Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) Training course allow you to learn how to execute MS Hyper-V virtualization solutions on NetApp® Data ONTAP® 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. Mainly, you will be taught about how to deploy the MS Windows® Server 2012 virtual infrastructure on Data ONTAP storage. Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) is a 2-day instructor-led course at Microtek Learning allows you to know the proper way to design & execute virtualization solutions on NetApp® storage systems by utilizing MS Hyper-V. You will realize the way to set up the MS Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual infrastructure on Data ONTAP storage. Prerequisites count understanding of NetApp core technical training, NetApp SAN core technical training & fundamental understanding of Microsoft virtualization and hypervisors.


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What are the course objectives for Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) training?
  • Describing about solutions for the Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V virtualization.
  • Coherent the NetApp value propositions when integrate into Data ONTAP OS along with virtualized solutions.
  • Describing the main terminology, operations and concepts of SnapManager for Hyper-V v2.1.
  • Configuring and demonstrating of SnapManager for Hyper-V v2.1 policies, datasets, events, reports and hosts.
  • Identifying functionalities and configuration of the Microsoft and NetApp backup, migration tools in private, hybrid cloud environment, public.
Who should attend Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) training?

This training is intended for NetApp Customers, channel partners and employees.

What are the prerequisites for Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) training?

It is recommended to complete following prerequisites before enrolling:

  • Equivalent knowledge of Microsoft virtualization along with hypervisors.
  • Knowledge of NetApp technical.
  • Knowledge of NetApp SAN core technical.
What is the course outline for Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data ONTAP (IMPMSHV) training?
  • 1. Overview of Microsoft Hyper-V
  • a). Microsoft (MS) Server virtualization framework
  • b). MS private cloud
  • c). MS hyper-V architecture
  • d). Virtual hard disk (VHD) formats and types of virtual disks
  • e). Hyper-V virtualization features and virtual disk types
  • 2. Introduction to SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV)
  • a). SMHV features and architecture
  • b). MS VSS
  • c). SMHV backup process
  • d). SMHV data management concepts
  • e). SMHV components
  • 3. SnapManager for Hyper-V with NAS and SAN
  • a). SAN environment features
  • b). CSV features
  • c). MS Server 2012 failover clustering
  • d). NAS SMB 3.0 protocols
  • 4. Installing SnapManager for Hyper-V
  • a). Pre-install considerations
  • b). SnapDrive for Windows
  • c). PowerShell Toolkit
  • d). SMHV installation requirements
  • 5. License keys
  • 6. Configuring SnapManger for Hyper-V
  • a). SMHV dashboard
  • b). Hyper-V parent host
  • c). Hyper-V VM exporting and importing
  • d). SnapInfo directory settings
  • e). SMHV backup jobs creation process
  • f). SnapInfo Snapshot copy retention
  • g). Windows scheduler
  • h). On-demand backup jobs
  • i). SMHV reports
  • 7. Restoring Virtual Machines with SnapManager for Hyper-V
  • a). Restoring a VM
  • b). VM backup and recovery
  • c). Restore wizard
  • d). Migrating VMs
  • 8. Managing the Integrated Virtualized Data Center
  • a). NetApp and MS integrated solutions
  • i). Private cloud
  • ii). Hybrid cloud
  • iii). Public cloud
  • b). MS Azure site recovery
  • c). Data fabric
  • d). ESXi migration to Hyper-V
  • e). OnCommand shift
  • f). Alta Vault cloud-integrated storage
  • 9. Labs:
  • a). Implementing Microsoft Hyper-V on Data Ontap
  • b). Installing Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • c). Preparing Storage and Networking For Installation
  • d). Installing Snapdrive for Windows
  • e). Installing Snapmanager for Hyper-V
  • f). Configuring Snapmanager for Hyper-V For Backups
  • g). Restoring Virtual Machines With Smhv
  • h). Migrating Windows Live
  • i). Migrating Virtual Machines with Oncommand Shift
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