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Introduction to Python Programming Training

What Introduction to Python Programming training is all about?

Introduction to Python Programming Training introduces professionals to the fundamentals of Python programming language. This technique familiarizes you with the programming best practices and helps you learn to store and represent data with the help of Python data types and variables. It teaches you to utilize loops and conditionals to manage the flow of your programs and harness complicated data structures like sets, dictionaries, lists, and tuples to keep collections of related data.

After this course, you will be able to define and document your custom functions, handle errors, and write scripts more efficiently. It will enhance your ability to search and utilize modules in the Python Standard Library and other-party libraries. This program covers the basic Python scripting elements and the best methodologies to explore Python's goal-oriented features. It is incredibly resourceful for individuals that want to learn Python programming and earn the Python programming certification.


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What are the course objectives for Introduction to Python Programming training?
  • How to understand Python starting from the basics.
  • How to create GUIs in Jupyter Notebook system.
  • How to utilize Jupyter Notebook and create .py files.
  • How to understand complex topics likewise decorators.
  • How to learn Object Oriented Programming.
  • How to learn advance Python features covering timestamps and familiarity
  • How to make games with Python language.
  • How to utilize Python professional covering learning paths Python3 and Python2.
Who should attend Introduction to Python Programming training?

This course is intended for programmers, web developers, big data scientists and engineers. However, the target audience for this course are professionals seeking to advance their skill in Python programming language. Entry-level and experienced Python professionals can sign up for this training.

What is the course outline for Introduction to Python Programming training?
  • 1. Python Overview and History
  • a). Why Python?; How to run Python applications; Python configuration details
  • 2. Language Basics
  • a). Program structure; Strings; Basic operations; Slices; Formatting; Numbers; Types; Basic arithmetic operations; Formatting; Conversions
  • 3. Complex Types and Operators
  • a). Tuples; Lists; Tuple and list manipulation; Basic operations; Dictionary; Files; Opening; Reading; Writing
  • 4. Statements and Control Structures
  • a). Assignment; Expressions; statements; while loops;
  • 5. Functions
  • a). Function basics; Scope rules; Arguments; Functions as arguments
  • 6. Modules
  • a). Module basics; Namespaces; Importing and reloading modules;
  • 7. Classes
  • a). What is a class?; What is an object?; Class basics; Writing methods
  • 8. Advanced Classes
  • a). Inheritance; Operator overloading

Python is an interactive object-oriented, programming language that allows lucid expression of creative concepts with fewer coding than in rest of programming languages. Python is widely used for processing numbers, images, scientific data and text. Introduction to Python Programming is the 1st step of your journey to master the Python Programming.

Our experienced instructors will help you to understand all the basics. You get hands-on training where you learn handling and delivering the Python packages. During the training you learn to use the latest coding practices with highly applicable in vivid industries. You get enough time to clear all your queries.

You will be proficient in using the Python with familiarity to its environment. You will be a confident and knowledgeable Python practitioner to use Python functions to process the data for the particular objectives.

On successful completion of the Introduction to Python Programming, you will receive a Python course completion certificate issued by Microtek Learning.

Our highly trained and experienced instructors use extensive set of advanced tools and techniques to deliver industry best online learning experience. You can simply log in to learning environment at schedule time from anywhere with facility to interact, communicate, discuss and view presentations.

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