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Introduction to Python Programming Training





Course Description

Introduction to Python Programming Training introduces professionals to the fundamentals of Python programming language. This technique familiarizes you with the programming best practices and helps you learn to store and represent data with the help of Python data types and variables. It teaches you to utilize loops and conditionals to manage the flow of your programs and harness complicated data structures like sets, dictionaries, lists, and tuples to keep collections of related data.

After this course, you will be able to define and document your custom functions, handle errors, and write scripts more efficiently. It will enhance your ability to search and utilize modules in the Python Standard Library and other-party libraries. This program covers the basic Python scripting elements and the best methodologies to explore Python's goal-oriented features. It is incredibly resourceful for individuals that want to learn Python programming and earn the Python programming certification.

  • Create working Python scripts following best practices
  • Use python data types appropriately
  • Read and write files with both text and binary data
  • Search and replace the text with regular expressions
  • Get familiar with the standard library and its work-saving modules
  • Create "real-world", basic level professional Python applications
  • Know when to use collections such as lists, dictionaries, and sets
  • Understand Pythonic features such as comprehensions and iterators
  • Write robust code using exception handling
  • This course has a 50% hands-on labs to 50% lecture ratio with engaging instruction, demos, group discussions, labs, and project work.
Who Should Attend?

Professionals who are new to Python and scripting.

  • Basic familiarity with any programming or scripting language
  • Have a working, user-level knowledge of Unix/Linux, Mac, or Windows
Course Details
  • Start Date: May 03, 2021
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Skill Level: Foundation
  • More Schedules: Click
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1289
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