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Course Description

Students who are interested in learning the essentials required to produce and edit simple presentations using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019 should enroll in our Introduction to PowerPoint 2019 training course. Students will develop a presentation and explore the PowerPoint environment. Students will add and edit graphical components to a presentation and format text on slides to improve readability. To show data in a systematic way, students will also add tables and charts to a presentation before finishing it.

Prerequisites for this training

  • Knowledge of keyboard, mouse, and personal computer use.
  • In the Windows environment at ease.
  • The capacity to run applications, shut them down, browse to information on the computer, and handle files and directories.

Who should attend this course?

Students who want to study the subjects covered in this course in the 2019 interface or more seasoned Word users who have little to no experience with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019.

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Microtek Learning is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions. This class uses official Microsoft courseware and will be delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).


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What you will learn

  • Activate PowerPoint and close it.
  • Improve a presentation.
  • Create a variety of slides.
  • Activate the Outline tab.
  • a slide with Clipart.
  • Use templates to format your slides.
  • Rearrange a presentation with the Slide Sorter.
  • For a presentation, use tables and charts.
  • Print numerous display elements.
  • Publish a slide presentation.


This module explains how to create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Starting Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Normal View
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Saving a Document
  • Importing a File
  • The Status Bar
  • Closing a Presentation
  • Lab 1: Creating a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Start Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Learn about the Normal view.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Save a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Import a file into PowerPoint.
  • Learn about the Status Bar.
  • Close a PowerPoint presentation
  • This module explains how to work with Ribbon in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • The Ribbon
  • Tabs
  • Groups
  • Commands
  • The Tell Me Tab
  • Lab 1: Exploring the Ribbon

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Work with tabs, groups, and commands
  • Learn which group and commands are found on which tabs.
  • This module explains how to work with the Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Adding Common Commands
  • Adding More Commands with the Customize Dialog Box
  • Adding Ribbon Commands or Groups
  • Placement
  • Lab 1: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Add common commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Add additional commands to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Move the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • This module explains how to work with the Backstage View in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Introduction to the Backstage View
  • Opening a Presentation
  • New Presentations and Presentation Templates
  • Presentation Properties
  • Adding Your Name to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Lab 1: Backstage View Exercises

  • Opening a Presentation
  • Creating an Agenda Using a Template
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Use the Backstage view.
  • Open a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Start a new Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint templates.
  • Modify presentation properties.
  • Personalize your copy of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • This module explains how to format Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.


  • Selecting a Slide Layout
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Text from a Text File or Word Outline
  • Editing Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Text as WordArt
  • Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Ink Equation
  • Formatting Text Placeholders
  • Adding Slides to a Presentation
  • Arranging Slides
  • Lab 1: Formatting Text

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Select a slide layout.
  • Add text to a slide.
  • Import content from a text file outline.
  • Edit text.
  • Format text.
  • Format text placeholders.
  • Apply styles to slides.
  • Add slides to a presentation.
  • Delete slides from a presentation.
  • Learn to arrange slides.
  • This module explains how to work with images in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Adding Images to a Slide
  • Inserting a Picture
  • Inserting Icons
  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Capturing and Inserting a Screenshot
  • Editing an Image
  • Formatting Images
  • Creating Custom Color with the Eyedropper
  • Applying a Style and Cropping an Image
  • Arranging Images
  • Adding Shapes
  • Using Digital Ink
  • Lab 1: Working with Images and Shapes

    After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Add images to a presentation.
  • Insert a picture.
  • Insert clip art.
  • Insert a screenshot.
  • Edit an image.
  • Rotate and resize an image.
  • Group and ungroup images.
  • Arrange images.
  • Add shapes.
  • This module explains how to work with tables and charts in Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Inserting a Table
  • Formatting Tables
  • Importing Tables from External Sources
  • Inserting a Chart
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Importing Charts from External Sources
  • Lab 1: Working with Tables and Charts Exercises

  • Working with a Table
  • Working with Charts
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Insert a table in a slide.
  • Format a table.
  • Copy a table from other Microsoft Office applications into PowerPoint.
  • Insert a chart in a slide.
  • Format a chart.
  • Copy a chart from other Microsoft Office applications into PowerPoint.
  • This module explains how to finalize Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.


  • Checking Spelling
  • Accessing Different Views of a Presentation
  • Organizing a Presentation in Sections
  • Adding Transitions to Slides
  • Adding Speaker Notes
  • Running a Slide Show
  • Printing a Presentation
  • Lab 1: Finalizing Presentation Exercises

  • Viewing the Presentation
  • Finalizing Your Presentation
  • After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Check spelling in your presentation.
  • Access different views of a presentation.
  • Divide a presentation into different sections.
  • Add transitions to a slide.
  • Add speaker notes.
  • Run a slide show.
  • Print a presentation
  • With Microtek Learning, you’ll receive:

    • Certified Instructor-led training
    • Industry Best Trainers
    • Official Training Course Student Handbook
    • Pre and Post assessments/evaluations
    • Collaboration with classmates (not available for a self-paced course)
    • Real-world knowledge activities and scenarios
    • Exam scheduling support*
    • Learn and earn program*
    • Practice Tests
    • Knowledge acquisition and exam-oriented
    • Interactive online course.
    • Support from an approved expert
    • For Government and Private pricing*

    * For more details call: +1-800-961-0337 or Email: info@microteklearning.com

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