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OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) Training

What OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) training is all about?

In this OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) Training course, you will become familiar with series of significant characteristics of OnCommand® Insight for the everyday managing, observation, plus troubleshooting of data infrastructures. The training course concentrates majorly on the reporting traits of the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse and OnCommand Insight. This course is mainly intended to convey and demonstrates how to use OnCommand Insight to execute operational reporting and how OnCommand Insight aids to perform operational reporting in day to day administrative tasks. This particular course at Microtek Learning also allows you to learn how to use IBM Cognos Analytics to carry out business reporting. By knowing how to generate tailored reports, you will come up with a fundamental understanding of how to expand Insight to meet other business reporting requirements.


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What are the course objectives for OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) training?
  • Describing about organizational-based reporting requirements.
  • Utilizing widgets, dashboards and queries in displaying daily operation and reporting info.
  • Describing about OnCommand insight DWH- data warehouse structure.
  • Addressing business reporting need relevant to virtualization, chargeback, pool topics and storage.
  • Describing how to find data warehouse and learn how to keep healthy data warehouse.
Who should attend OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) training?

This training is recommended for professionals who are working as NetApp Partners on the other hand Sales Engineers, Infrastructure engineers and customers can also sign up.

What are the prerequisites for OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) training?

Learners are requested to complete following prerequisites before enrolling:

  • OnCommand Insight: Fundamentals WBT.
What is the course outline for OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI) training?
  • 1. Introduction to Reporting
  • a). OnCommand Insight overview
  • b). Product portfolio
  • c). OCI architecture
  • d). Data warehouse report-authoring tools
  • e). Report challenges
  • f). OCI vs. OCI data warehouse
  • g). Dashboard and reports
  • h). Storage manager dashboard
  • i). Storage automation store
  • j). Importing reports
  • 2. Operational Reporting
  • a). Queries
  • b). Widgets
  • c). Query table
  • d). Dashboards
  • e). Custom dashboard creation
  • 3. Data Warehouse
  • a). Overview
  • b). Features
  • c). Components
  • d). Data warehouse database overview
  • e). Architecture
  • f). Data mart and data warehouse
  • g). Contents of data warehouse
  • h). Database schema
  • i). Data model definitions
  • j). Data mart inventory
  • k). Built-in data models
  • l). Storage capacity
  • m). Data model file system utilization
  • n). Data retention and consolidation
  • 4. Business Reporting: Chargeback
  • a). Business level reporting: five elements
  • b). Annotations
  • c). Business entities and applications
  • d). Hierarchical reporting
  • e). Managing applications
  • f). IBM Cognos workspace advanced
  • 5. Business Reporting: Virtual Machine Performance
  • a). Controlling report contents
  • b). Report formatting
  • c). Filter criteria
  • d). Adding charts
  • e). The toolbox
  • f). Customizing charts
  • g). Adding links
  • 6. Business Reporting: Storage and Storage Pool Capacity Report
  • a). Forecasting reports
  • b). Drill down detail - report addition
  • c). Conditional formatting
  • d). Report formatting
  • 7. Maintaining OnCommand Insight Reporting Capabilities
  • a). Reporting portal
  • b). Data warehouse admin portal
  • c). ELT schedule
  • d). Data warehouse manual back up/restore
  • e). Data warehouse online documentation
  • f). Schema description and diagrams
  • g). MySQL database
  • h). REST APIs
  • 8. Labs:
  • a). Log into lab environment, access the data warehouse adminstration and reporting portals
  • b). Import a report from the storage automation store
  • c). Create an application resource operations dashboard
  • d). Create a host and virtual machine operation dashboard
  • e). Create a storage capacity operations dashboard
  • f). Create a report in IBM Cognos workspace advanced centered on application chargeback
  • g). Create a report in IBM Cognos workspace advanced centered on virtual machine performance
  • h). Create a report in IBM Cognos workspace advanced centered on storage use
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