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ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) Training


The ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) Training course was mainly designed to educate about the core techniques and concepts to protect data in NetApp ONTAP systems.

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Course Price : $1800 Per Participant

Course Description

The ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) Training course was mainly designed to educate about the core techniques and concepts to protect data in NetApp ONTAP systems.

You will learn about the distinct data protection services that are incorporated into ONTAP software, counting the SnapMirror, SyncMirror, SnapVault solutions, and storage virtual machine (SVM) disaster recovery.

The training course at Microtek Learning mainly provides an outline of ONTAP MetroCluster configuration, NDMP, and cloud-centric data protection with NetApp Data Availability and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Services.

You will also learn about the tools and technologies to manage ONTAP data protection characteristics. In the hands-on training exercises, you will use the CLI and NetApp OnCommand System Manager to complete key data protection works.

The course additionally surveys real-world circumstances and use cases for training about when to use all NetApp protection solutions. Restore and Backup operations will be taught by means of the command line & OnCommand System Manager.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Explaining about configuration and components of SyncMirror software.
  • green-tick Describing data mirroring relations in ONTAP software.
  • green-tick Configuring SnapMirror relationships to replicate data.
  • green-tick Demonstrating SVM- storage virtual machine disaster recovery.
  • green-tick Learning about configuration and components of MetroCluser software.
  • green-tick Configuring SnapVault software for recovery and daily disk backups.
  • green-tick Describing about NDMP operations to back-up the data to tape.
  • green-tick Explaining about cloud-based data protection with NetApp Data Available Services and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.
  • green-tick Elaborating about NetApp third-party software which is being utilized for data protection in ONTAP.


Recommended to complete the following training before enrolling:

  • Basic fundamentals of ONTAP Data Protection WBT.
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.6)

Who should attend this course?

This training is recommended for professionals who are working as NetApp Partners on the other hand Sales Engineers, Infrastructure engineers and customers can also sign up.


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  • ONTAP Data Protection Solutions
  • Data protection management solutions
  • Managing and monitoring tool
  • SyncMirror software for high availability
  • Mirrored aggregates
  • SyncMirror plex failure
  • Components of a mirror relationship
  • Configuration guidelines for intercluster SanpMirror software
  • Cluster and firewall requirements
  • DPO systems
  • FabricPool
  • Cluster and SVM Peering
  • Creating and initializing the SnapMirror relationship
  • Disaster recovery using SnapMirror software
  • SnapMirror and ONTAP feature interaction
  • Replicating configurations in SVM disaster recovery
  • SVM initial data transfer
  • SVM disaster-recovery relationship
  • Scheduled SVM updates
  • Implementing a SnapVault relationship
  • Using SnapVault software to restore data
  • NDMP fundamentals
  • NDMP management
  • NetApp cloud volumes ONTAP
  • NetApp data availability services
  • NetApp SnapCenter software
  • Integration with third-party management software
  • Configuring a load-sharing mirror relationship
  • Configuring cluster peering and SVM peering
  • Using SnapMirror software to mirror FlexVol volumes
  • Performing SnapMirror disaster recovery
  • Configuring a SnapMirror synchronous relationship
  • Using FlexClone technology to clone a SnapMirror volume
  • Configuring storage virtual machine disaster recovery
  • Configuring the SnapVault relationship
  • Using SnapVault to restore data
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      Duration: 2 Days

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