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ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) Training

What ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) training is all about?

MetroCluster software is an exclusive highly-accessible and disaster-recovery solution. In this ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) Training course, you will understand how to cable and set up a MetroCluster environment. By utilizing participatory and active exercises, you practice the steps for employment, configuration, and verification. In the course, you will additionally learn how to recognize component defaults, failures, and practice recovery steps with hands-on labs accessible in the ONTAP 9 environment. Before attending, learners should attend the ONTAP Cluster Administration & Data Protection Bundle (ONTAP 9.6) (CDOTDP9) course. On the other hand, delegates could have attended the ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) and ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (ONTAP9ADM) courses individually. Besides, it would be helpful for the delegate to have fundamental SAN knowledge and completion of ONTAP PS Professional Compliance Program or a corresponding program. The training course at Microtek Learning is for NetApp customers, NetApp employees, and NetApp partner professional service implementation engineers.

NOTE: This MCCIIW course is accessible by just customer requests.


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What are the course objectives for ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) training?
  • Configuring and installing TieBreaker software.
  • Recovery and detection from failures of MetroCluster environment.
  • Creating MetroCluster configuration and provide data to the customers.
  • Configuring clusters in both MetroCluster environment.
  • Creating back end FC switches and bridges.
  • Describing the major architectural components in MetroCluster environment.
  • FibreBridges, Back-end FC Switches and Cable Nodes.
Who should attend ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) training?

The professionals enrolling for this course are engineers working on service implementation. However, the target audience for this training is NetApp employees along with customers can also sign up.

What are the prerequisites for ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) training?

It is recommended to complete following prerequisites before enrolling:

  • ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle ONTAP 9.6 or.
  • ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) or.
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (ONTAP9ADM.
  • Knowledge of NetApp SAN.
  • Experience or completion of the ONTAP PS Professional Compliance Training.
What is the course outline for ONTAP MetroCluster Installation (MCCIIW) training?
  • 1. Overview of MetroCluster
  • Introduction to MetroCluster software
  • Supported configurations
  • Implementation steps
  • Configuration tools and documentation
  • 2. MetroCluster Cabling
  • Disk requirements
  • Cabling overview
  • Controller cabling
  • Switch cabling
  • 3. Bridge and Switch Configuration
  • ATTO FibreBridge configuration
  • Brocade FC switch configuration
  • IOD and OOD delivery
  • 4. Cluster Configuration
  • Disk assignment
  • Cluster setup
  • 5. MetroCluster Configuration
  • Setup
  • Verification
  • Monitoring
  • SVM configuration
  • 6. Failure Scenarios
  • Switchover
  • Switchback
  • Failure scenarios
  • LIF placement
  • 7. TieBreaker Configuration
  • Introduction to TieBreaker
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • 8. Labs:
  • MetroCluster cabling
  • Bridge and switch verification and configuration
  • Cluster configuration
  • MetroCluster configuration and verification
  • Failover scenarios
  • TieBreaker configuration
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