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ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) Training

What ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) training is all about?

The ONTAP NFS Administration Training course broadens the NFS info that is incorporated in the ONTAP Cluster Administration course. This ONTAP NFS Administration training course reviews NFS and defined in descriptive way, varied NFS versions and the characteristics of ONTAP 9 software supporting the NFS protocol. The training exercises are achieved using ONTAP 9 software. The ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) Training course at Microtek Learning is mainly for Professionals who execute NFS solutions who make use of NetApp storage systems such as Engineers, NetApp Employees, and Channel Partners. The Prerequisites counts the basic understanding of ONTAP Cluster fundamentals, Familiarity with Linux and UNIX OSs, and ONTAP 9.6 Cluster Administration (ONTAP9ADM).


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What are the course objectives for ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) training?
  • Describing and defining protocol versions.
  • Configuring clustered ONTAP 9 for NFSv4.1, NFSv4, NFSv3 along with pNFS.
  • Configuring Keberos in a Linux along with NetApp ONTAP 9 environment utilizing Windows Active Directory authenticates.
  • Discussing performance troubleshooting and management for NetApp storage clients and systems.
Who should attend ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) training?

This training is intended for professionals who are working in NetApp Channel partners, NetApp customers or NetApp employees.

What are the prerequisites for ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) training?

Learners should complete following prerequisite before enrolling in this training course:-

  • ONTAP Cluster Administration ONTAP 9.6 ONTAP9ADM
  • ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals WBT OCFWBT
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Unix Operating Systems.
What is the course outline for ONTAP NFS Administration (NFSAD) training?
  • 1. NFS Overview
  • a). Data fabric layers
  • b). NFS
  • c). NFS protocol versions
  • i). NFSv2 and NFSv3
  • ii). Ancillary protocols
  • iii). NFSv4
  • d). ONTAP 9 NFS enhancements
  • e). ONTAP 9 configuration
  • f). SVM with Infinite Volume
  • 2. NFS Version 3
  • a). Capabilities
  • b). Features
  • c). Client support
  • d). NFSv3 implementation
  • e). NFSv3 export policy
  • f). Export policies and volumes
  • g). Access cache
  • h). Mounts
  • i). User authentication
  • j). Accounts
  • k). Auxiliary GIDs
  • l). ANON setting
  • m). UNIX permissions
  • 3. NFS Version 4
  • a). Features
  • b). NFSv4 connection
  • c). Mount process
  • d). Referrals
  • e). Delegation and usage
  • f). NFSv4 Implementation
  • g). Security
  • i). RPCSEC_GSS
  • ii). Key distribution center
  • iii). Kerberos authentication
  • iv). Access control lists
  • v). ACE permissions
  • h). NFSv4 infrastructure
  • i). UID and GID
  • j). Snapshot directories
  • 4. NFS Version 4.1
  • a). Connection
  • b). Reliable callbacks
  • c). Sessions
  • d). Layouts
  • e). pNFS
  • f). pNFS vs. referrals
  • g). ONTAP 9 support
  • h). NFSv4.1 implementation
  • i). pNFS status
  • 5. Performance and Basic Troubleshooting
  • a). Performance management
  • b). Performance issues
  • c). Factors that affect NFS performance
  • d). RAID factors
  • e). NFS data collection
  • f). Performance and statistic collector (Perfstat)
  • g). Recommended statistics
  • h). The SIO utility
  • i). Multiprotocol
  • j). Security style interaction
  • k). UNIX user access
  • l). Storage system configuration
  • m). Linux client troubleshooting
  • n). NFS troubleshooting
  • o). Network troubleshooting
  • p). Check access command
  • 6. Labs:
  • a). Adding a cluster
  • b). Configuring a storage virtual machine for NFSv3
  • c). Configuring a storage virtual machine for NFSv4
  • d). Configuring a storage virtual machine for NFSv4.1
  • e). Configure clustered ONTAP for NFS active directory authentication
  • f). Configuring Windows for NFS active directory authentication
  • g). Configuring Linux for NFS active directory authentication
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