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ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) Training

What ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) training is all about?

Leverage the ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) Training course and grab skills and knowledge that you will require to gather and analyze system performance information from NetApp storage systems that run clustered Data ONTAP 9. This course will equip you to interpret data, identify, and employ changes that progress system efficiency. You will also gain knowledge about the ways to use system commands and features to observe and improve storage system performance by using technical discussion, case studies, and hands-on exercises. The ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) Training training course at Microtek Learning is an added experience for professionals who manage NetApp storage systems and want to gain in-depth knowledge of Clustered Data ONTAP system performance.


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What are the course objectives for ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) training?
  • Learning about functioning of the storage system which runs on ONTAP 9 functionalities.
  • Identifying the tools and commanding to utilize to gather and monitor performance for the storage system.
  • Identifying technical glitches and interpreting performance to the storage system.
  • Utilizing the system features and commanding language into the storage system performance.
  • Utilizing system features and commands so as to develop performance for the storage system.
Who should attend ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) training?

This training is intended for professionals who know how to administer NetApp storage systems. However, professionals having deep interest to understand about Clustered Data ONTAP system performance can also enroll.

What are the prerequisites for ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) training?

Learners are requested to complete following prerequisites before enrolling:

  • Fundamental knowledge of ONTAP Clusters.
  • Basic knowledge of ONTAP Cluster Administration.
  • Good experience on ONTAP Software.
What is the course outline for ONTAP Performance Analysis (PERFCDOT) training?
  • 1. How a NetApp Storage System Works
  • a). NetApp FAS system architecture
  • b). ONTAP architecture layers
  • c). Data access
  • d). NVRAM
  • 2. Performance Analysis Tools
  • a). Performance terminology
  • b). Performance guidelines and methodologies
  • c). Analysis tools and commands
  • d). Output commands
  • e). Tools for performance measurement
  • f). AutoSupport tools
  • g). Perfstat
  • h). OnCommand Insight
  • 3. OnCommand Performance Manager
  • a). Features
  • b). Dashboard
  • c). Performance troubleshooting
  • d). Events
  • e). User defined thresholds
  • 4. CPU and Memory Performance
  • a). CPU performance bottlenecks
  • b). Resolving bottlenecks
  • c). Memory performance bottlenecks
  • d). Resolving bottlenecks
  • 5. WAFL Performance
  • a). WAFL functions
  • b). Inodes
  • c). WAFL readahead
  • d). Resolving WAFL issues
  • e). Best practices
  • 6. Disk I/O Performance
  • a). Disk subsystem hardware and software
  • b). Subsystem bottlenecks
  • c). Analyzing bottlenecks with Statit
  • d). Resolving bottlenecks
  • e). RAID-DP technology
  • 7. Flash Cache and Flash Pool Performance
  • a). Virtual Storage tier
  • b). Flash pool
  • c). Flash cache
  • d). Automatic workload analyzer
  • e). Cache performance issues
  • 8. Cluster Interconnect Performance
  • a). Cluster interconnect uses
  • b). Switchless and switched configurations
  • c). Cluster interconnect bottlenecks
  • d). Bottleneck resolutions
  • 9. Storage QoS
  • a). Managing system performance with QoS
  • b). QoS policies
  • c). Reactive storage QoS
  • d). Proactive storage QoS
  • e). Monitoring commands
  • 10. NAS Performance
  • a). NAS functions
  • b). Bottlenecks
  • c). NAS protocol traffic
  • d). Monitoring NFS usage commands
  • e). Monitoring SMB usage commands
  • f). Bottleneck resolutions
  • 11. SAN Performance
  • a). SAN overview
  • b). Protocols
  • c). FCoE
  • d). iSCSI
  • e). SAN LIFs
  • f). SAN performance issues
  • g). SAN multipathing
  • h). SAN load balancing
  • i). I/O misalignment
  • j). Queue depth
  • 12. Using What You Learned
  • a). Performance overview
  • b). Performance tools
  • c). Windows monitoring and analysis
  • d). Linux monitoring and analysis
  • e). VMware monitoring and analysis
  • f). Slow application performance
  • g). Using performance manager
  • h). Best practices
  • 13. Labs:
  • a). Identifying cluster components
  • b). Analyzing performance statistics
  • c). OnCommand performance manager thresholds, events and alerts
  • d). Identifying and resolving storage controller performance issues
  • e). WAFL performance monitoring and analysis
  • f). Identifying and resolving disk I/O bottlenecks
  • g). Exploring cache performance
  • h). Cluster interconnect performance
  • i). Workload management with storage QoS
  • j). NAS performance
  • k). SAN protocol performance
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