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SAP Customer Data Platform Implementation Training

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Course Description

This course will prepare you to:

  • Discuss the product capabilities and features of the Customer Data
  • Navigate the console and describe its functionalities
  • Navigate the Admin console and describe its functionalities
  • Identify the structure of a Customer Schema concept to create a new schema and interpret merging rules
  • Structure data and define how to link groups
  • Identify and outline privacy and trust mechanisms to ingest and downstream data
  • Explain the two views offered by SAP Customer Data Platform based on the confidence in the accuracy of the data
  • Explain the many ways to setup applications to ingest customer data
  • Classify your customer data by applying different criteria based on attributes, behaviors or activities
  • Connect SAP Customer Data Platform into destination systems to downstream customer data
  • Explain how SAP Customer Data Platform uses Audiences, CX Flows, and Journeys to group customers and personalize experiences
  • Describe the B2B capabilities using Customer Data Platform Groups and Relationships.
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  • Watch: Expert Customer Data Platform - openSAP Microlearning


  • Explore SAP Customer Data Platform Essentials eLearning on learning.sap.com


  • calendar Jul 15, 2024
  • time 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST
  • location online

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  • Introducing Customer Data
  • Discovering SAP Customer Data Platform Terms and Definition
  • Navigating the CDP Console
  • Discovering the Tenant model
  • Using Customer Schema
  • Using the Activity Schema
  • Discovering Processing Purpose
  • Distinguishing between Unified and Contextual Customer Profiles
  • Using Matching and Merge Rules
  • Uncovering How Customer Data Platform Ingests Data?
  • Applying Source Application Event
  • Using Activity Indicators
  • Using Segments
  • Downstreaming Data from the SAP Customer Data Platform
  • Applying Audiences within the Customer Data Platform
  • Discovering CX Flows
  • Designing CX Journeys and Milestones
  • Navigating the Admin Console
  • Navigating the Monitoring Dashboard
  • Using the SAP Customer Data Platform APIs
  • Authenticating an API call using OAuth2
  • Implementing the Ingesting APIs
  • Implementing the Query API
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      Duration: 3 Days

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