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SnapCenter Administration (SCADMIN) Training





Course Description

SnapCenter Administration Training (SCADMIN) course includes the SnapCenter Software 4.0 release deployment. In this course, you will learn comprehensive way to install, monitor, and manage SnapCenter Server & SnapCenter Plug-ins. You will also learn how to set up licenses, configure RBAC (role-based access control), and set up the SnapCenter Plug-ins for Linux, Oracle, and Windows. This training course at Microtek Learning will help you in knowing how to employ hosts plus connect to the NetApp ONTAP storage system. You will also be trained on how to restore and back up Windows file system data and configure SnapVault and SnapMirror relationships for use through SnapCenter software 4.0. The SnapCenter Administration course materials include practical exercises sets of guide that you execute in a lab setting. The SnapCenter Administration Training (SCADMIN) course is for NetApp and NetApp partner Professional Services, NetApp Customers, and System Engineers.

  • Understanding, monitoring and managing abilities of SnapCenter Servers.
  • Performing restore and backup of Microsoft Windows Data.
  • Preparing data protection relationship for the SnapCenter.
  • Configuring hosts and SnapCenter Plug-in server packages.
  • Performing SnapCenter configuration of installation of connections and licenses to the SVMSs.
  • Understanding the steps for installing SnapCenter Server software.
  • Elaborating about the relationships and advantages between different components of the SnapCenter solutions.
Who Should Attend?

This training is intended for multiple job designations such as System Engineers, Network Administrators, Network engineers etc.


Learners should complete following prerequisite before enrolling in this training course:-

  • SnapCenter Fundamentals WBT
Course Details
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1363
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