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Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training

What Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server training is all about?

SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training is aimed at professionals who have some experience with the SolarWinds platform and now want to enhance their skills and learn topics such as DPA, SAM, SRM, VMAN, Alerting, Custom SQL and Reporting. Our enterprise training program is ideal for companies and organizations. It contains an in-depth explanation of SolarWinds modules for the Advanced Server track.

With this course, you will learn to design end-to-end application monitoring and develop a conceptual understanding of Storage Resource Monitor, Virtualization Manager, Application Maps, and AppStack View. This technical course helps professionals enhance their skills required to install, configure and integrate SAM, WPM, VMAN, SRM to inspect, visualize, and assess the performance efficiency of databases, systems, applications, networks in both cloud and hybrid environments. The comprehensive nature of this course is also beneficial for professionals who want to pass the SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server certification exam.


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What are the course objectives for Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server training?
  • How to learn application and server monitoring with SolarWinds tools.
  • How to learn about Learning Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) along with Website Performance Monitor (WPM).
  • How to learn about installation, integration and initial configuration of Virtualization Manager (VMAN).
  • Learning about SRM, DPA, WPM, SAM.
  • How to learn about SQL reports and alerts.
  • How to monitor and change environment in the businesses where SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server certification effectually allows for perfection in virtualized monitoring by WPM, SAM and DPA.
  • Utilizing Application maps, customized SQL reports and alerts.
Who should attend Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server training?

The primary audience for this Solarwinds Orion 201: Advanced Network course are administrators, individuals and individuals working for SolarWinds.

What is the course outline for Solarwinds Orion 202: Advanced Server training?
  • 1. Server & Application Monitoring
  • a). Orion Architecture Best Practices
  • i). AppInsight Templates vs. Standard Templates
  • b). Applications in Enterprise
  • 2. Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) & Website Performance Monitor (WPM)
  • a). Installation of DPA
  • b). Integration of DPA with SAM and Orion
  • c). Installation of WPM
  • d). WPM Capabilities
  • 3. Virtualization Manager (VMAN), Storage Resource Monitor, Application Maps & AppStack View
  • a). Overview of Virtualization Manager
  • b). VMAN Management
  • c). Overview of SRM
  • d). SolarWinds AppStack
  • 4. SQL Custom Alerts and Reporting
  • a). Transact-SQL language
  • b). Orion SQL Database schema
  • c). SQL Custom Reporting
  • d). SQL Alerts

SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server certification training improves your perfection in installation, configuration and integration of SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM to monitor, visualize, and analyze the performance of systems, databases, networks and applications in hybrid and cloud both the environments. The instructor-led virtual training also improves your abilities to crack SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server certification exam for enhanced and certified professional efficiency in networking management.

It is a four days training program scheduled for 32 hours in total. You can schedule the class timings as per your convenience.

SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server public training provides comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise for using SolarWinds modules trusted by numbers of the Fortune 500 companies. The popularity of SolarWinds Orion products is increasing fast escalating the worldwide demand of SolarWinds Orion certified professionals.

Yes, you have to pay SCP subscription annually to keep it valid after three years and to get regular updates; initially, SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server certification is issued for three years.

Microtek Learning is emerging fast as the first choice of experienced networking professionals to improve their knowledge and perfection in SAM, DPA, WPM, VMAN, SRM etc. Our virtual SolarWinds Orion 202 Advanced Server course is detailed by the experienced SCP certified faculty members to address each of your concerns to simplify the learning of SolarWinds Orion technology application.

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