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SolarWinds Orion 301: Automation and SDK Training


SolarWinds Orion 301: Database and Automation (Custom reports and Orion SDK) Training is a detailed overview of using the database for custom reporting and alerts.

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Course Price : $1999 Per Participant

Course Description

SolarWinds Orion 301: Database and Automation (Custom Reports and Orion SDK) Training is a detailed overview of using the database for custom reporting and alerts.

It helps professionals develop a deep understanding of various topics, including SQL Server Reporting Services, NPM, and Orion Software Development.

This technical course teaches professionals the right techniques to determine the reasons for problems through wait-time database analysis.

Our enterprise training program is ideal for companies and organizations.

This course will teach you to design and implement custom reports and gain in-depth knowledge about the Orion SDK Survey.

It will help you understand NPM and SQL Server Reporting Services.

This program also teaches professionals how to use Orion Software Develop and change SQL Server Reporting Services.

It is suitable for networking teams, administrators, and professionals who want to pass the SolarWinds Orion 301: Database and Automation Certification exam.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Learning about Orion SDK Survey
  • green-tick Understanding NPM
  • green-tick Learning designing and implementation of custom reports
  • green-tick Understanding SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • green-tick Learning to use Orion Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • green-tick Learning to Customize SQL Server Reporting Services


  • No pre-requisite is required for this course. Students will be more successful with an advanced understanding of the SolarWinds platform as this course will not cover installation and basic overviews.
  • Knowledge of the Transact SQL and PowerShell Language would be highly beneficial for students, but it is not required.

Who should attend this course?

  • The learning is recommended for networking team and administrators who are specialized in Orion Support Help Desk.


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Where do we see SWQL Code in the regular Orion GUI

Utilizing SWQL

  • Advanced Alerts
  • Advanced Reports
  • SWQL Widgets
  • Orion modern Dashboards

    What is it?

    Verbs and metadata

    Connection to SQL (abstraction to SQL Studio)

    Open SQL Studio and compare tables to SWQL tables

  • SWQL and implicit joins in the code
  • Fundamentals

    Functions in PowerShell/Objects

    SolarWinds SDK cmdlets

    Unamanage/manage nodes

  • Modify node names
  • Add nodes to Orion
  • Delete nodes
  • Interface discovery
  • Network discovery
  • REST API coding – obtain data from SolarWinds via web GET/ POST (Postman)*
  • About the Certifications

    Microtek Learning provides you with authorities training that will help you to prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) exam. We will ensure you have all the skills you needed to manage systems, networks, applications, security and issues in the SolarWinds environment.

    Microtek Learning's training courses cover all the preparations for SolarWinds SCP exams that is publicly available. It includes Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Architecture & Design (A&D), and Network Configuration Manager(NCM). 

    You will be prepared to take the exam when you completed the SCP certification training.

    PSI's examination delivery services conduct this certification. 

    Students can access their examination from the web browsers and use PSI's proprietary remote proctoring technology, which enables anywhere, anytime testing with integrity.

    Once you successfully pass the exam, Solarwinds issues a BadgeCert certificate and digital badge that you can share with your email signature or social sites. 

    Solarwinds Orion Platform


    In SolarWinds Orion database, the collected detailed data is summarized first into hourly database increments; then it is converted into the daily data increments. Extending hourly retention affects the database size less while the extended detailed data retention impacts more on database size and its performance.

    Node Package Manager (NPM) manages the dependencies of project tools, in addition, to managing multiple code versions and code dependencies etc.

    By installing and understanding Orion Database Management, you will be able for improved but simplified real-time historic monitoring. You will be able to analyze index, query tuning advisors and database from different perspectives.

    Yes, SolarWinds licensed products come with one year of maintenance back up support from the date of purchase.

    We provide the robust Solarwinds Orion 301 Database and Automation training scheduled for four days. The total virtual teaching period is 32 hours. Although you gain in-depth knowledge of all the topics in syllabus; still, you are expected to go through the online study material post training also but you never need to compromise with existing professional duties/schedule.

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      Duration: 2 Days

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