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SolarWinds Orion 302: Log and Event Manager Training


SolarWinds Orion 302: Log and Event Manager Training is developed to help professionals gain comprehensive information on areas including LEM agents, LEM appliance deployment, LEM console, rules, filters, and reports.

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Course Price : $1195 Per Participant

Course Description

SolarWinds Orion 302: Log and Event Manager Training is developed to help professionals gain comprehensive information on areas including LEM agents, LEM appliance deployment, LEM console, rules, filters, and reports.

This technical course educates individuals on directory service groups, basic and advanced configuration, and default domain controller audit policies.

With this course, you will develop a better understanding of SolarWinds tools. It contains a detailed explanation of all the essential aspects, and after completing this course, your skills and credibility will improve.

It is also an excellent resource for individuals who are preparing for the SolarWinds Orion 302 Log and Event Manager Certification exam.

This course will address all of your doubts and queries, and during the training, you will practically utilize the learned skills to experience the advantages of SolarWinds tools and features in monitoring and managing IT infrastructure, networks, and IT systems better.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Gain expertise and knowledge to install Report Console, Virtual Appliance and LEM Console.
  • green-tick Professionals will learn about connectors and agents.
  • green-tick Integrating and training students of LEM to Active directories which improves effectuality to track the group and user authentication failures, errors and much more.
  • green-tick Training integration of robust LEM console planned with most innovative built-in filters to monitors vivid events.
  • green-tick To provide knowledge of Customized & Built-in rules that supports aspirant students to manage and respond the insecurity and non-compliant user activities.
  • green-tick How to provide practical of utilizing LEM Reports Viewer that advantages students to create schedule reports, pre-configured reports and other filtered reports.
  • green-tick Explore the modernist customized reporting options after completion of SolarWinds Orion 302 Log and Event Manager Course.

Who should attend this course?

  • This training is designed for Administrators and networking team who are specialized in Orion Web Help Desk. 


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  • SEM Concepts
  • SEM Architecture
  • System Requirements
  • Licenses
  • Installation Procedure
  • Appliance Configuration
  • The HTML based Web Console
  • The legacy Flash based Web Console
  • The SSL Command Line Interface
  • The SEM Reports Utility
  • Adding Windows Agent Nodes
  • Setting Logging Levels on Windows Servers
  • Adding Syslog Nodes
  • Using the Directory Services Query Active Response Connector
  • Adding and Editing User Accounts
  • Account Limitations
  • Monitor Overview
  • Supplied Filters
  • Creating Filters
  • Sharing Filters
  • InDepth Overview
  • The Word cloud and Tree Maps
  • Result Details
  • The Search Builder or Modifying Search Parameters
  • Using Monitor Filters
  • Printing Results
  • Saved Searches
  • Scheduling Searches
  • OPsCentre Overview
  • Creating New Widgets
  • Rules Overview
  • The Filter Element
  • Using Groups
  • Creating and Populating Custom Defined Groups
  • The Correlation Element
  • The Active Response Element
  • Configuring the email Active Response Connector and email Templates
  • Viewing the supplied reports
  • Modifying Reports
  • Report Scheduler
  • Backups and Restores
  • Data Storage Requirements
  • About the Certifications

    Microtek Learning provides you with authorities training that will help you to prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) exam. We will ensure you have all the skills you needed to manage systems, networks, applications, security and issues in the SolarWinds environment.

    Microtek Learning's training courses cover all the preparations for SolarWinds SCP exams that is publicly available. It includes Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Architecture & Design (A&D), and Network Configuration Manager(NCM). 

    You will be prepared to take the exam when you completed the SCP certification training.

    PSI's examination delivery services conduct this certification. 

    Students can access their examination from the web browsers and use PSI's proprietary remote proctoring technology, which enables anywhere, anytime testing with integrity.

    Once you successfully pass the exam, Solarwinds issues a BadgeCert certificate and digital badge that you can share with your email signature or social sites. 

    Solarwinds Orion Platform


    There are more than 250,000 SolarWinds products users worldwide. The SolarWinds Orion products are being widely accepted as the comprehensive solution for cost-effective and reliable IT networking monitoring and management. Businesses need certified professionals to proactively manage IT environments; SCP's SolarWinds Orion 302LEM certification makes you a promising candidate standing out of the crowd.

    SolarWinds Orion 302: LEM certification will last as long as you keep up SCP subscription and attend SCP's refresher training. In case, you don't maintain an SCP subscription, the SolarWinds Orion 302: LEM certification will expire after 3 years from the date of issue.

    We regularly conduct SolarWinds Orion 302 Log and Event Manager course classes scheduled for two days. To check the forthcoming SolarWinds Orion 302: LEM training class, please visit- Date Section

    We impart the best level of knowledge of SolarWinds products using the industry best teaching tools. Our highly trained SCP certified faculty has years of experience in teaching students with different levels of knowledge and experience; so, don't worry, it is easy. Our SolarWinds Orion 302 training surely makes you a competitive SolarWinds Orion 302Log and Event Manager Certification aspirant.

    We specialize in conducting a variety of training and certification courses to help fresh and experienced IT professionals boost up their career growth as well as perform better at their current workplace by integrating SolarWinds Orion technology. We address your learning concerns the best; this approach makes Microtek Learning the first choice for SolarWinds Orion 302 LEM certification training course.

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