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Solarwinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation And Advanced Configuration) Training

What Solarwinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation And Advanced Configuration) training is all about?

SolarWinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation and Advanced Configuration) Training introduces individuals to the IT Service Management tool and helps them dive into other complex functionalities. This technical course contains a comprehensive overview of essential features, leading practices, and discusses various advanced capabilities. It is suitable for administrators and professionals managing a networking team. Our enterprise training program is ideal for companies and organizations.

After completing this program, you will learn to install and execute primary and advanced configuration. It teaches you to create and manage a CAB (Change Advisory Board). This course's critical concepts that make it perfect for monitored IT asset management are native integration with Active Directory and LDAP, relational ticket association, FIPS 140-2 compatibility, compatibility with third-party IT asset management tools, and customer satisfaction measurement, etc. This training also enables individuals to clear the SCP's SolarWinds Orion 303 Web Help Desk certification exam.


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What are the course objectives for Solarwinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation And Advanced Configuration) training?
  • How to learn management and automated ticket routing.
  • How to learn automatic management and tracking of software and hardware assets from the singular web console.
  • How to learn accelerating troubleshoot via integration of SolarWinds tools.
  • How to learn and remove redundancy in the support desk operations by the integrated knowledge base and change management.
  • Learn how to manage and create the Change Advisory Board [CAB].
  • How to learn and utilize Dameware Remote Support for least operational costing, accelerated help desk services, enhanced customer satisfaction and remote troubleshooting.
Who should attend Solarwinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation And Advanced Configuration) training?

This training is designed for Administrators and networking team who are specialized in Orion Web Help Desk.

What is the course outline for Solarwinds Orion 303: Web Help Desk (Installation And Advanced Configuration) training?
  • 1. Installation and Basic Configuration of Solarwinds Orion 303 Web Help Desk
  • a). Installation of WHD
  • b). Options and Admin Roles
  • c). Tech Accounts & Permissions
  • d). Departments & Locations
  • 2. Advanced Configuration
  • a). Ticket Routing and Approval Roles
  • b). Creating & Managing a Change Advisory Board (CAB)
  • c). Creating & Managing Database and Billing options

The Solarwinds Orion 303 Web Help Desk certification training helps the desk team in a great way because the end-users have numbers of self-resolution options like built-in knowledge base, FAQs and dynamic tool tips for specific problem solving.

Yes, integration of Solarwinds Orion 303 Web Help Desk simplifies the KB articles’ management. Even any IT tech can control and manage KB addition with customized manager approval facility.

Solarwinds Orion 303 Web Help Desk configures an automated feedback survey for the end-user after completion of each service request. The database of feedbacks helps you scale customer satisfaction level.

No, it is not necessary but basic knowledge of Solarwinds Orion products is the key advantage.

You can discuss with our online professionals anytime through chat, mail or phone etc to find out the best feasible objective oriented roadmap to benefit your organization with Solarwinds Orion environment.

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