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SolarWinds Orion 101: Introduction to SolarWinds Training


This technical course provides comprehensive information about the features and best practices and helps experienced individuals learn advanced configuration options.

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Course Description

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Training is aimed at acquainting professionals with the Orion Products.

This technical course provides comprehensive information about the features and best practices and helps experienced individuals learn advanced configuration options.

Throughout this program, you will get to learn the basics of SolarWinds tools, and it will also help you understand what data is present inflows, and the right methods to leverage IP address groups for understanding the traffic range of specific applications, sites, or users.

This program is detailed, making it perfect for people who want to develop a better understanding of SolarWinds.

By installing Orion NTA, utilizing the NTA Web Console to create and manage web consoles, and functioning with wireless devices, you will learn various essential aspects.

Our enterprise training program is ideal for organizations and companies. It will boost your credibility in the market and enhance your skills.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Learning the basic fundamentals of SolarWinds Tools.
  • green-tick Achieve hands-on learning labs with customized equipment.
  • green-tick Learn about VNQM & UDT, NPM, SAM, IPAM and NTA.


  • No pre-requisite is required for this course

Who should attend this course?

  • This training is recommended for IT administrators who have small working of networking team where individuals have the time to appearance for SolarWinds.


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In-depth review on how to understand server load (based on number of monitored elements across all installed modules) to determine the appropriate core and SQL server hardware requirements for a given environment.

Understanding Orion NPM Server Prerequisites

  • IIS & SQL Server Verifications
  • Using the Orion NPM Web Console

    Populating the Orion NPM Node Database

  • Network Discovery
  • Adding and Removing Nodes
  • Editing Nodes
  • Understanding Node Grouping
  • Creating & Managing Web Console Users

  • Defining View Limitations
  • Working with Monitoring Protocols

    Working with Database Retention & Database Maintenance in NPM

    Students gain experience building maps in Orion Maps and learn best practices for presenting Orion data visually in maps for both business application status and geographic mapping.

    Students gain experience creating and modifying properties, groups, dependencies, views and custom pollers. Discussion topics include best practices for creating and managing views. Additionally the Custom Poller training covers SNMP fundamentals of understanding MIBs, OIDs and presenting Custom Poller data in the Orion web console.

    Orion Network Atlas

  • Network Atlas vs Orion Maps
  • Orion NPM built-in tools

  • Working with Custom Properties, Groups, & Dependencies
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • Poller Management
  • Universal Device Poller
  • Poller Settings
  • Students develop an understanding of what data is included in flows, how to leverage IP address groups for understanding traffic flow of specific sites, applications or users. Students implement flow to their own classroom servers.

    Understanding Orion NTA Prerequisites

  • Database Performance Considerations
  • Flow Technologies
  • Configuring NetFlow Sources
  • NetFlow Design Theories

    Using the Orion NTA Web Console

  • Viewing NetFlow Sources
  • Working & Monitored Applications
  • Working & IP Address Groups
  • Orion NTA Data Retention
  • Configuration of NetFlow on common CISCO devices
  • Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

    Understanding Orion NCM Server Prerequisites

  • IIIS & SQL Server Verification
  • Using Orion NCM

    Populating Managed Devices

  • Network Discovery
  • Adding, Editing and Removing Nodes
  • Creating and Managing Users

    Working with Jobs

  • Scheduling Bulk Changes & Backups
  • Enabling Real-time Change Notification

    Working with Compliance Reports & Policies

    Understanding Device Templates

    Working with the Orion NCM Web Console

  • Integrating with Orion NPM
  • Students gain hands on experience creating new templates, working with SAM component monitors, and developing techniques for determining how to monitor the various layers of business services and applications.

    Understanding SAM Prerequisites

  • Orion Service Packs
  • Application Discovery
  • Populating SAM nodes into Orion

    Understanding Orion SAM Components & Templates

  • SAM Component Monitors
  • Assigning Application Monitor Templates
  • Understanding Orion SAM Credentials
  • SAM Component Monitor
  • Understanding Alerting with Orion SAM

    Working with Orion SAM Applications & Components in Reports and Groups

    Working with Orion SAM Objects in Orion Maps

  • Including Applications & Component Status in Maps
  • Understanding Orion Log Analyzer (LA) Prerequisites

  • Log Analyzer vs Log View
  • Basic Functionality and Rules Processing
  • Students perform a hands on configuration of IPAM in their own virtual machine and learn how to leverage the IPAM features to manage the IP address environment. Students will gain an understanding of how to monitor and manage both Window sand Cisco DHCP servers and scopes from within IPAM, as well as Windows DNS servers. The instructor will cover best practices such as the use of split scopes, and the benefits of techniques and settings such as DNS scavenging to ensure accurate name resolution data within the IPAM console.

    Students gain hands on experience monitoring both Windows and Cisco DHCP servers. Students configure VNQM operations and gain an understanding of best practices for leveraging VNQM to isolate and identify network performance problems vs. application performance issues.

    Understanding Orion IPAM Prerequisites and Installation

    Using the Orion IPAM Web Console

  • Defining Monitored Subnets
  • Monitoring Microsoft Windows & Cisco DHCP Servers
  • Understanding Orion IPAM Alerting

    Working with Orion IPAM in NPM reports

    Working with Orion IPAM in configuring IP Request Forms

    VoIP and Network Quality Manger (VNQM)

    Understanding VNQM Prerequisites

  • Orion NPM & Service Packs
  • VNQM Capable Sources
  • Using the VNQM Web Console

  • Adding VNQM Devices
  • Defining VNQM Operations
  • Leveraging VNQM Statistics in Network Atlas

  • Using VNQM Data in Maps
  • Working with VNQM Alerts

    Working with VNQM Reports and Groups

    User Device Tracker (UDT)

    Understanding and using UDT

    Adding nodes using UDT

    Understanding Ports vs Interfaces

    User Tracking

    Working with Lists

  • White listing
  • Watch listing
  • Reports and Alerts

    Server Configuration Manager (SCM)

    Understanding Orion SCM Requirements

    Conducting Hardware & Software Inventory using SCM

    Working with Profiles

  • Creating Custom Profiles
  • Assigning Profiles using SCM
  • Understanding FIM and tracking changes

    Certification Details

    Microtek Learning provides you with authorities training that will help you to prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) exam. We will ensure you have all the skills you needed to manage systems, networks, applications, security and issues in the SolarWinds environment.

    Microtek Learning's training courses cover all the preparations for SolarWinds SCP exams that is publicly available. It includes Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Architecture & Design (A&D), and Network Configuration Manager(NCM). 

    You will be prepared to take the exam when you completed the SCP certification training.

    PSI's examination delivery services conduct this certification. 

    Students can access their examination from the web browsers and use PSI's proprietary remote proctoring technology, which enables anywhere, anytime testing with integrity.

    Once you successfully pass the exam, Solarwinds issues a BadgeCert certificate and digital badge that you can share with your email signature or social sites. 

    SolarWinds Orion Platform


    Orion is the core product of the SolarWinds IT Management Portfolio. It is a time tested and widely accepted bandwidth performance management application with added support for fault management. It helps the users view the real-time network statistics directly from the web browser. Orion 101 is the product-neutral introduction of Orion Core.

    SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training boosts the professional performance and the career growth both imparting in-depth knowledge with hands on experience to apply Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP, & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) technologies for flawless IT services networking management.

    SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training course is designed to cover all the aspects of monitoring, mapping, advancing, maintaining IT services network essential for unabated service availability. The students learn all the essential skills required for reliable and cost-efficient advanced network configurations course.

    According to TrustRadius, SolarWinds NPM is rated 9 out of 10. GetApp is also getting favorable reviews of users continuously.

    Network Performance Monitor (NPM) of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 is empowered by Cisco ACI software-defined networking. It facilitates for application agility with an automated data centre that is the prime need of the IT industry of 21st century.

    Microtek Learning Inc. is the proud partner of EC-Council and ISACA besides being the best performing channel partner for Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix etc. We have the industry best facilities and SolarWinds Orion Core 101 trainers to conduct the virtual classes on time with personalized attention for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification course.

    SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification training is good for anyone - fresher or experienced IT networking professional.

    SolarWinds Orion Core 101 course is designed with multiple objectives to help the IT networking professionals perform better by having unmatched technical excellence for flawless service management through advanced NPM, NTA, NCM and SAM etc. The five days training imparts the knowledge and experience both to pass SCP Network Performance Monitor (NPM) exam course.

    Course Details

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      Duration: 5 Days

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