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SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public Training

What SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public training is all about?

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public Training is aimed at acquainting professionals with the Orion Products. This technical course provides comprehensive information about the features and best practices and helps experienced individuals learn advanced configuration options. Throughout this program, you will get to learn the basics of SolarWinds tools, and it will also help you understand what data is present inflows, right methods to leverage IP address groups for understanding traffic range of specific applications, sites, or users.

This program is detailed, making it perfect for people who want to develop a better understanding of SolarWinds. By installing Orion NTA, utilizing the NTA Web Console to create and manage web consoles and functioning with wireless devices, you will learn various essential aspects. Our enterprise training program is ideal for organizations and companies. It will boost your credibility in the market and enhance your skills.


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What are the course objectives for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public training?
  • Learning the basic fundamentals of SolarWinds Tools.
  • Achieve hands-on learning labs with customized equipment.
  • Learn about VNQM & UDT, NPM, SAM, IPAM and NTA.
Who should attend SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public training?

This training is recommended for IT administrators who have small working of networking team where individuals have the time to appearance for SolarWinds.

What is the course outline for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 Public training?
  • 1. Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
  • a). Basics of Orion NPM server prerequisites
  • b). Installation of Orion NPM
  • c). Use of Orion NPM web console
  • d). Use of custom properties with Orion NPM Web Console
  • e). Managing and adding web console users
  • f). Managing Views
  • g). Use of wireless devices in NPM
  • h). Database retention & maintenance
  • i). Analysis of SYSLOG & SNMP Traps in NPM
  • 2. Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
  • a). NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA)
  • b). Orion NTA installation
  • c). Use of Orion NTA web console
  • 3. Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
  • a). Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
  • b). Orion NCM installation
  • c). Orion NCM usage
  • d). NCM functionalities
  • e). Aligning with compliance
  • f). Orion NCM web console integration
  • 4. Orion Server & Application Monitor
  • a). Understanding Orion SAM prerequisites
  • b). Installing Orion SAM
  • c). Orion SAM objects, templates and components
  • 5. IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM)
  • a). IPAM
  • b). VoIP & VNQM

Orion is the core product of the SolarWinds IT Management Portfolio. It is a time tested and widely accepted bandwidth performance management application with added support for fault management. It helps the users view the real-time network statistics directly from the web browser. Orion 101 is the product-neutral introduction of Orion Core.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training boosts the professional performance and the career growth both imparting in-depth knowledge with hands on experience to apply Network Performance Monitor (NPM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), IP Address Manager (IPAM), VoIP, & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) technologies for flawless IT services networking management.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 training course is designed to cover all the aspects of monitoring, mapping, advancing, maintaining IT services network essential for unabated service availability. The students learn all the essential skills required for reliable and cost-efficient advanced network configurations course.

According to TrustRadius, SolarWinds NPM is rated 9 out of 10. GetApp is also getting favorable reviews of users continuously.

Network Performance Monitor (NPM) of SolarWinds Orion Core 101 is empowered by Cisco ACI software-defined networking. It facilitates for application agility with an automated data centre that is the prime need of the IT industry of 21st century.

Microtek Learning Inc. is the proud partner of EC-Council and ISACA besides being the best performing channel partner for Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix etc. We have the industry best facilities and SolarWinds Orion Core 101 trainers to conduct the virtual classes on time with personalized attention for SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification course.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 certification training is good for anyone - fresher or experienced IT networking professional.

SolarWinds Orion Core 101 course is designed with multiple objectives to help the IT networking professionals perform better by having unmatched technical excellence for flawless service management through advanced NPM, NTA, NCM and SAM etc. The five days training imparts the knowledge and experience both to pass SCP Network Performance Monitor (NPM) exam course.

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