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StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) Training

What StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) training is all about?

This StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) Training course includes the fundamental of StorageGRID administration. In this course you will know how to use the Grid Manager for inspecting and handling a StorageGRID Webscale 11.1 system. You will also learn to use the Grid Manager to examine and direct a StorageGRID 11.3 system. The course at Microtek Learning will also allow you to learn how to configure ILM (information lifecycle management) rules and policies to handle object protection. You will also be trained to configure the StorageGRID NAS Bridge node for incorporation with legacy apps. Finally, you learn how to incorporate a StorageGRID system into the NetApp Data Fabric. The StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) Training course builds on the conceptions in the StorageGRID Fundamentals course. The course is made for NetApp partners, NetApp employees, and NetApp customers.


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What are the course objectives for StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) training?
  • Utilizing Grid Manager to manage and monitor s StorageGRID system.
  • Managing and creating storage tenant accounts.
  • Configuring Information Lifecycle Management rules and policies.
  • Learning about the diversified administrations and monitoring interfaces along with solutions.
  • Configuring StorageGRID NAS Bridge node and the StorageGRID NAS Bridge node.
  • Managing and configuring email notifications along with customized alarms.
  • Describing how StorageGRID integration into NetApp Data Fabrics.
Who should attend StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) training?

This training is intended for professionals who are NetApp partners, NetApp customers or NetApp employees.

What are the prerequisites for StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) training?

Learners should complete following prerequisite before enrolling in this training course:-

  • SnapCenter Fundamentals WBT
What is the course outline for StorageGRID Administration (SGWSADM) training?
  • 1. StorageGRID Components and Services
  • a). Components
  • b). Node service workflows
  • 2. StorageGRID Grid Manager
  • a). Grid manager
  • b). StorageGRID Configuration options
  • c). StorageGRID Administrators
  • d). Securing access to StorageGRID
  • e). StorageGRID management API
  • 3. Storage Tenant Administration
  • a). Tenant accounts
  • b). Tenant manager
  • c). Tenant access control
  • d). Bucket access control
  • e). S3 bucket configuration options
  • f). Platform services
  • g). StorageGRID tenant API
  • 4. Information Lifecycle Management
  • a). ILM Policies and rules
  • b). Storage pools, storage grades and regions
  • c). Configuring ILM policies
  • 5. Monitoring the StorageGRID system
  • a). Alarms
  • b). Notifications
  • c). Reporting
  • 6. StorageGRID Archive Nodes
  • a). Archive nodes
  • b). Archiving to the cloud
  • c). Archiving to tape
  • 7. StorageGRID NAS Bridge
  • a). NAS Bridge overview
  • b). File system and buckets
  • c). Configuration workflow
  • d). Configuring an SMB file system
  • e). Configuring an NFS file system
  • 8. StorageGRID Maintenance
  • a). StorageGRID AutoSupport
  • b). Audit log
  • c). Managing StorageGRID services
  • d). Maintenance procedures
  • e). StorageGRID software upgrades
  • 9. Integrating a StorageGRID system
  • a). ONTAP Fabric pool
  • b). SolidFire backup to cloud
  • c). E-Series cloud connector
  • d). NetApp cloud sync
  • e). NetApp SaaS backup
  • 10. Labs:
  • a). Exploring Grid manager
  • b). Creating and managing StorageGRID administrator accounts
  • c). Managing tenant accounts
  • d). Using S3 tenant accounts
  • e). Configuring basic ILM
  • f). Object storage tiering
  • g). Placement based an object Metadata
  • h). Alarm management
  • i). Reporting
  • j). Archiving to the cloud
  • k). Configuring the NAS bridge
  • l). Grid maintenance tasks
  • m). Integrating with a swift protocol client
  • n). Using API docs to manage the StorageGRID system
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