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Tableau Server Administration Training


You will learn the leading practices for administering and installing Tableau Server and the essential information on security, scalability, performance, and governance.

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Course Price : $2499 Per Participant

Course Description

Tableau Server Administration Training provides in-depth knowledge and a detailed explanation of Tableau Server administration.

You will learn the leading practices for administering and installing Tableau Server and the essential information on security, scalability, performance, and governance.

This technical course will teach you advanced skills that will help you fast-track your path to building a sound and extensible Tableau Platform.

It is ideal for professionals who will administer a Tableau Server installation, which includes managing users, content, and permissions. 

In this course, you will gain user interactions with the Tableau server, single server installation, Tableau server components, data sources, and other critical elements.

It demonstrates the efficient ways to modify the authentication method and monitor server status. T

ableau Server Administration Training is a comprehensive training program that trains individuals to become certified Tableau Administrators and helps them build credibility in the market. 

Note: This class is taught using a Windows server environment.

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What you will learn

  • green-tick The Tableau analytics platform
  • green-tick Planning a Tableau Server installation
  • green-tick Server installation
  • green-tick Command-line utilities
  • green-tick Content management and governance
  • green-tick Authorization and permissions
  • green-tick Data source management and governance
  • green-tick Desktop reporting
  • green-tick Security best practices
  • green-tick Server UI organization and navigation
  • green-tick Managing users
  • green-tick Data extracts
  • green-tick Schedules, tasks, and subscriptions
  • green-tick Securing data sources
  • green-tick Automating administrative tasks
  • green-tick Monitoring server status, performance
  • green-tick Customizing the Server experience

Who should attend this course?

The learning is recommended for Tableau Server Administration who are certified for business intelligence professionals along with a specialized interest in visualized data analytics.

The target audience for this training is Data Scientists and Analysts, Reporting Professionals, Visual Analysts, Reporting, Project Managers, System Administrators, Project Managers Software Developers, etc.

The primary audience for this training is professionals who plan to advance their careers with Big Data Analytics.


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What Exam Do I Need To Get Certified?

  • Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam

About the Certifications

Tableau Server Certified Associate Certification is for those who want to learn about administration functions and the Tableau platform. This certificate will be valid for two years.

Product Experience: 6+ Months

Certification Details

Step 1: Review the knowledge and skills required to certify.

Step 2: Recommended training for certification:

Step 3: Take this exams and get certified.

  • Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam


Who Should Attend?

This certification is for those who have a thorough understanding of Tableau Server functionality in a single-machine environment and 4-6 months of experience. Primary roles include System Consultant and Administrator.


During the Tableau Server Administration exam training, you will learn content navigation, searching, filtering, updating account settings, setting the start page and adding a workbook description etc that will help you have improved users experience.

A certified Tableau Administrator is in-charge of creating and maintaining a framework that allows Tableau Desktop users to share, manage, publish, and connect data sources and workbooks.

Tableau server, a product by Tableau, allows you to use the Tableau functionality without downloading and opening the workbooks to open for Tableau desktop. You can customize the permissions to determine who can access and interact up to what extent.

Tableau is named among the Top 20 SaaS Companies. Tableau Server is enterprise platform software designed for publishing, securing & distributing the content created by Tableau developers. Tableau Online easily integrates with all the popular platforms like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

The validity period of Tableau Server Administration certification is three years; after that, you will have to renew it.

Course Details

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    Duration: 5 Days

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