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TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction Training

What TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction training is all about?

TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction Training familiarizes professionals with the Perl programming language and helps them solve common issues. This technical course is designed for individuals who want to learn more about the Perl programming language and are searching for a tool that can assist them in rectifying hoc requests and administrative tasks.

It contains comprehensive foundational information regarding Perl, which helps individuals get started with this Programming language. From the introduction to Perl, arrays, scalars, and control structures and functions, this course covers everything that one needs to understand Perl efficiently. With this course, you will be able to use Perl to execute fundamental tasks in the real world. This program is highly detailed, making it suitable for people who are preparing to become a Perl expert developer. After finishing this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge about Perl, and you will be able to use it for everyday tasks.


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What are the course objectives for TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction training?
  • Learn how about basic fundamental concepts of Perl.
  • Learn about Scalars and Arrays.
  • Structure Controlling.
  • Learn about Regular Expressions and Basic I/O.
  • Know about functionalities.
Who should attend TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction training?

This Perl training program is designed for beginners for better productivity on their skills to an advanced level conceptual information to Perl Scripting languages.

What is the course outline for TTEP100 Introduction to Perl Scripting Introduction training?
  • 1. Dialect Overview
  • a). Perl Overview
  • b). The Perl Interpreter
  • c). Running a Perl Application
  • d). The Perl Help System
  • e). Our First Perl Statement
  • 2. Dialect Basics
  • a). Dialect Basics
  • b). Fundamental Language Rules
  • c). Remarks
  • d). Scalar Variables
  • e). Printing Scalar Variables
  • f). Citing Scalar Variables
  • g). as a Scalar
  • h). Tidying up after Scalars
  • i). "Uncommon" Scalars
  • j). Safe Coding with Scalars
  • k). Scalar Operators
  • 3. Exhibits and List Data
  • a). Exhibits and List Data
  • b). What is a List?
  • c). Speaking to a List
  • d). Rundown Variables
  • e). Task
  • f). Recovering List Values
  • g). Rundown Slices
  • h). Uncommon List Variables
  • i). as a List
  • j). Worked In List Functions
  • k). The switch Function
  • l). The sort Function
  • m). The push and pop Functions
  • n). The move and unshift Functions
  • 4. Control Structures and Looping
  • a). Control Structures and Looping
  • b). Proclamation Blocks
  • c). The if Statement
  • d). The Truth in Perl
  • e). The unless Statement
  • f). The if/unless modifiers
  • g). The while Statement
  • h). The until Statement
  • i). The do {} while/until Construct
  • j). The for Statement
  • k). The foreach Statement
  • l). Altering Looping Behavior
  • m). The last Statement
  • n). The following Statement
  • o). The re-try Statement
  • 5. Hash Data
  • a). Hash Data
  • b). What is a Hash?
  • c). Hash Variables
  • d). Worked in Hash Variables
  • e). Worked in Hash Functions
  • f). The keys Function
  • g). The qualities Function
  • h). The each Function
  • i). The characterized Function
  • j). The exists Function
  • k). The erase Function
  • 6. Information/Output
  • a). Information/Output
  • c). More on STDOUT
  • d). Organized Output Using printf
  • e). Organization Control Strings
  • f). Here Documents
  • g). Utilizing the <> (Diamond) Operator
  • h). Making Data Streams
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