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TTPS 4925 Perl Programming Essentials Training





Course Description

TTPS 4925 Perl Programming Essentials Perl Training focuses on the core Perl concepts and teaches professionals about the most effective techniques currently being used in the web development world. It is aimed at professionals to aid them in acquiring the best knowledge and skills needed to execute effective programming in Perl and handle related tasks in an organizational environment.

Our enterprise training program is ideal for organizations and companies. With this course, you will learn to prepare a functioning script that gets inputted from the keyboard, command line, or a file. You will also learn to utilize arrays to keep and process data from files. This technical course teaches you everything from creating formatted reports and using regular expressions to identify what is present in the standard library. It is a perfect training program for individuals interested in building an application to simplify and automate general tasks with Perl.

  • Learn about fundamental features from other source of languages likewise sed, sh, awk and C Basics.
  • How to integrate interface DBI which supports the third-party databases covering MYSQL, Postgres and Oracle.
  • Functioning of Perl with XML, HTML and other mark-up languages.
  • Interfacing with external C++/C via SWIG or XS.
Who Should Attend?

This training is suitable for individuals who are working as an entry-level in Perl. However, the professionals who are seeking to begin their career with Perl can Sign up for this course. The training doesn’t directs to app development instead it develops for other tools that are utilized to solve problems in IT professionals.

Course Details
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Skill Level: Foundation
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1742
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