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VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy and Manage 2019 Training





Course Description

VMware Cloud on AWS is a training on how to thoroughly manage, and deploy the enterprise projects across the cloud platform. A keen understanding of the cloud infrastructure is provided with the lectures and live video sessions. With the dedicated session on VMware Cloud, you will learn the skills that make you a professional in handling the cloud platform. Starting from building the projects to deploying it, and migrating it, you will have rundown through all the aspects.

The course also offers an insight into how to build a hybrid project, and how to work on the project that has not yet migrated to the cloud. With these skills, you will master the VMware Cloud and manage it at an advanced level.

  • Troubleshooting scenarios, Describing maintenance errors and assistant resources for the VMware cloud relied to AWS SDDC.
  • Describing the extra services which adds up the value for VMware Cloud relied to AWS SDDC.
  • Migrating VMware Cloud relied to AWS SDDCs and on-premises virtualized machines.
  • Configuring the up-scale and down-scale of VMware Cloud relied to AWS SDDC.
  • Deploying the VMware cloud on VMs & AWS SDDC.
  • Configuring the external, internal covering inter-SDDC networking.
  • Configuring and describing solutions and integration for VMware Cloud relied to AWS SDDC.
  • Configuring the connectivity amid to VMware Cloud relied to AWS SDDC & vSphere SDDC on-premises.
Who Should Attend?

This training is recommended for experienced system engineers, system integrators and system administrators who seek to learn and achieve scalable and available virtual infrastructure.

Course Details
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Certification: NO
  • Enrolled: 1523
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