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VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V9.7] Training

What VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V9.7] training is all about?

VMware vCloud Director is a relatively new release that happened on the 2nd of July 2019. The course is created to dive the professionals across the director's panel. This technical training program talks about the vCloud panel, its responsibilities, it's working, and all the administrator's authorities. Besides administrators, the non-administrator authorities are also covered with live screen sharing sessions.

vCloud Director management platform is a job-role oriented platform. The course imparts exactly the role-based teachings to the respective authorities. The course teaches website access and the role distribution, and the modules are distributed with respect to the responsibilities. After completing the course, the respective admins' group would be able to install, configure, and manage the VMware vCloud Director® professionally and smoothly.


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What are the course objectives for VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V9.7] training?
  • How to direct deployment for vCloud Director.
  • How to utilize vCloud Director to satisfy businesses requirements.
  • Catalogs for vCloud Director.
  • How to transfer virtual machine workloads as of VMware vSphere® into and out of vCloud director.
  • Networking for vApps and organizations with the support of NSX.
  • NSX which are needed to make hybrid cloud connection line between private and public clouds.
  • Diversified customers on-boarding scenarios evolved in vCloud director.
  • How to integrate with vCloud Availability for vCloud director.
  • How to extend vCloud Director for onboarding and setup for hybrid cloud.
Who should attend VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V9.7] training?

This course is recommended for Cloud architects, cloud administrators, systems engineers and data center administrators. However, the target audience for this training is professionals who have good experience in managing service environment with globally recognized course for an excellent career.

What is the course outline for VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage [V9.7] training?
  • 1. Course Introduction
  • a). Introductions; Course Logistics; Course Objectives
  • 2. Software-Defined Data Center
  • a). Evolution of the software-defined data center; Cloud computing overview
  • b). Characteristics & Categories of cloud services
  • c). VMware product stack for software-defined data center
  • 3. vCloud Director Concepts
  • a). Explain vCloud Director concepts
  • b). Configure and manage provider VDCs
  • c). Identify storage, compute, and network resources for vCloud Director
  • d). Create and manage organizations; vCloud Director organization VDCs
  • 4. Organization VDC
  • a). Organization VDC allocation models
  • b). Recognize resource allocations for an organization
  • c). Network types available in vCloud Director
  • d). Organization and vApp network traffic choices; functions of network pools
  • 5. Virtual Machines and vApps
  • a). Discuss the use of virtual machines; Design and manage vApps
  • 6. Catalog
  • a). Create and manage catalogs; Manage vApp templates
  • 7. Users and Role-Based Access
  • a). Role-based access; Custom security roles
  • b). Configure LDAP integration with Active Directory; Single sign-on
  • c). Enable a SAML identity provider; Two-factor authentication
  • 8. Advanced Networking
  • a). Integration of NSX edge services gateways with vCloud Director
  • b). Review routing with distributed logical router & edge services gateways with vCloud Director
  • c). Firewall management in vCloud Director with edge services gateways & distributed firewall
  • 9. Resource Management and Monitoring
  • a). Manage provider and organization VDCs
  • b). VMware vCenter Server instances; VMware ESXiâ„¢ hosts; vSphere data stores
  • c). Configure and manage resource pools at vSphere level
  • d). Usage of information at provider & organization VDCs
  • e). Analyze vCloud Director logs
  • f). Management of vCloud Director environments with VMware vRealize® Operations Managerâ„¢ and VMware vRealize® Log Insightâ„¢
  • g). VMware vRealize® Businessâ„¢ for cost management
  • 10. Customer Onboarding and Hybrid Cloud
  • a). Tenant layer 2 VPN access; SSL VPN access
  • b). Review options for external connectivity with VPN
  • c). Importing existing infrastructure managed by vCenter Server into vCloud Director
  • d). Using vCloud Director Extender for hybrid cloud setup & onboarding
  • 11. vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
  • a). Prerequisites, Architecture & Implementation for vCloud Availability for vCloud Director
  • b). vCloud Director Installation
  • c). vCloud Director network, hardware, and software requirements
  • d). vCloud Director setup overview; vCloud Director cell design
  • e). Install & configure vCloud Director database (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle database, or PostgreSQL) Create SSL certificates
  • f). Configure VMware NSX® Managerâ„¢ for a new vCloud Director installation
  • g). Install and configure an AMQP broker
  • h). Download & install the VMware public key
  • i). Setting up vCloud Director federation
  • 12. vCloud Director API and Metadata
  • a). Tools to access the API of vCloud Director
  • b). REST API in VMware vRealize® Orchestratorâ„¢
  • c). Access to vCloud Director using VMware PowerCLIâ„¢
  • d). Creating and updating metadata on objects
  • 13. vCloud Director Upgrade
  • a). vCloud Director upgrade overview; Upgrade prerequisites; the best practices
  • b). NSX requirements; Additional information

The vCloud Director for Service Providers website released on 2nd July 2019.

It updates the vCloud Director appliance base OS and vCloud Director open-source components. The list of new features includes HTML5 Tenant Portal Enhancements, Per-Tenant Branding Options, HTML5 Provider Portal Enhancements, Access to Dedicated Private vCenter Instances through a Tenant Portal, vCD Appliance Improvements, NSX Edge Placement Enhancements etc.

VMware vCloud Director Badge exam is a 60 items exam. The passing score is 300. You will get 105 minutes to complete the exam. You are entitled for automatic 30 minutes time extension if you are a non-native English speaker.

Yes, VMware vCloud Director is the latest up to August 2019. After February 5, 2019, VMware certifications don’t need a recertification essentially. However, recertifying by upgrading your certification will keep your skills brushed up to take competitive performance advantage.

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