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VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [8.6] Training


VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage Training teaches you to use vRealize Automation to automate the transfer of virtual machines, personalize IT services, and apply it all over different hybrid cloud environments and data centers.

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Course Description

VMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage Training teaches you to use vRealize Automation to automate the transfer of virtual machines, personalize IT services, and apply it all over different hybrid cloud environments and data centers.

Our enterprise training program is best for organizations and companies. It demonstrates the overall structure of vRealize Automation and utilizes cases in cloud environments.

You will learn to configure and handle Cloud Accounts, Flavor Mappings, Projects, Network Profiles, and Image Mappings.

This technical course teaches you to manage both cloud services and on-premise systems and explains how vRealize Automation Service Broker can magnify content in native formats from many different clouds and platforms into a similar catalog.

You will learn to utilize CLI commands and logs to inspect and rectify vRealize Automation and configure and handle ABX actions, event broker subscriptions, custom properties, and VMware.

It teaches you to create, manage, modify, and launch blueprints and integrate with vRealize Orchestrator. 

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What you will learn

  • green-tick Describing about Cloud Automation Services covering code stream and cloud assembly.
  • green-tick Describing the vRealize Automation architecture and utilize cases in cloud networking environments.
  • green-tick Managing the utilized cases in cloud environments and the vRealize Automation architecture.
  • green-tick Managing the vRealize Automation things on third-party virtual, cloud infrastructures and VMware.
  • green-tick Managing and configuring Cloud Accounts, Image Mappings, Projects, Network Profiles, Tags, Volumes, Storage Profiles and Flavor Mappings.
  • green-tick Manage, modify, create and design Blueprints.
  • green-tick Connection to manage Kubernetes Cluster and deployments.
  • green-tick Customizing services covering CloudConfig.
  • green-tick Managing and configuring service broker.
  • green-tick Managing and configuring ABX actions, customized properties, vRealize Orchestrator workflows and subscriptions for event broker.
  • green-tick Integration with vRealize Orchestrator.
  • green-tick Installing vRealize Automation covering Lifecycle Configuration Manager.
  • green-tick Describing the Cloud Automation Services covering Code Stream and Cloud Assembly.
  • green-tick Utilizing CLI commands and logs for troubleshooting and monitoring vRealize Automation.


This course requires completion of one of the following courses and be able to perform the following tasks with no assistance or guidance before enrolling in this course:

  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
  • VMware vSphere: Fast Track
  • Create VMware vCenter Server® objects, such as data centers and folders
  • Create a virtual machine using a wizard or a template
  • Modify a virtual machine’s hardware
  • Migrate a virtual machine with VMware vSphere® vMotion®
  • Migrate a virtual machine with VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion®
  • Configure and manage a vSphere DRS cluster with resource pools.
  • Configure and manage a VMware vSphere® High Availability cluster.

Who should attend this course?

The primary audience for this course is system integrators and professionals having good experience as system administration. However, the tertiary audience for this course is also professional who know how to implement and design vRealize Automation.


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  • Introductions and course logistics
  • Course objectives
  • Describe the purpose and functionality of vRealize Automation
  • Describe the vRealize Automation architecture
  • Describe the use of VMware Workspace ONE® AccessTM
  • Describe the relationship between Kubernetes clusters, containers, and vRealize Automation services
  • Describe CLI commands for vRealize Automation 8 cluster management
  • Describe Cloud Assembly
  • Describe Service Broker
  • Describe Code Stream
  • List the different vRealize Automation deployment types
  • Describe the purpose of vRealize easy installer
  • Describe the vRealize Automation installation process
  • Identity the steps involved in integrating Workspace One with Active Directory
  • Describe features of Workspace One
  • Describe the user roles available in vRealize Automation
  • Identify the key tasks performed by each user role
  • Define custom roles
  • Configure branding and multitenancy
  • Quickly create a basic configuration with a cloud account, cloud zone, project, flavor mapping, and image mapping.
  • Configure and deploy a basic cloud template
  • Create cloud templates that can run on any cloud
  • Use cloudConfig to run commands, install software, and create users
  • Use YAML for inputs, variables, and conditional deployments
  • Configure tags
  • Describe different types of tags
  • Manage tags
  • Configure storage profiles
  • Use tags and storage profiles
  • List the capabilities and use cases of NSX-T Data Center
  • Describe the NSX-T Data Center architecture and components
  • Integrate NSX-T Data Center with vRealize Automation
  • List the supported network profiles in vRealize Automation
  • Use NSX-T Data Center components to design a multitier application Cloud Template
  • Identify the network and security options available in design canvas
  • Create and manage on-demand networks and security groups
  • Configure NSX-T day 2 actions
  • Configure and use VMware Cloud Foundation accounts
  • Configure and use an AWS cloud account
  • Configure and use an Azure cloud account
  • Configure and use a Google Cloud Platform cloud account
  • Release a VMware Cloud Template™
  • Define content source and content sharing
  • Define Service Broker policy enforcement
  • Use custom forms for catalog items
  • Describe Extensibility
  • Use event topics
  • Create a subscription
  • Call a vRealize Orchestrator workflow
  • Create ABX actions
  • Introduction to Code Stream
  • The CI/CD process
  • Integrate GitLab with Code Stream and Cloud Assembly
  • Use Code Stream to install software
  • Integrate Cloud Assembly with Terraform
  • Use Terraform with a VMware Cloud Template
  • Use Terraform with Code Stream
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Connect to an existing Kubernetes Cluster
  • Integrate VMware Tanzu™ Grid Integrated Edition
  • Create a Supervisor Namespace as a catalog item
  • Introduction SaltStack with vRealize Automation
  • Use SaltStack for software deployment
  • Use SaltStack for configuration management
  • Use SaltStack with event-driven orchestration
  • Location of logs
  • Using Activity
  • Monitoring deployment history
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • CLI commands
  • Collecting logs (VAMI console)
  • Integration with VMware vRealize® Log Insight™
  • Integration with vRealize Operations
  • Migrating vRealize Automation 7.x to 8
  • FAQs

    Now it includes resolved issues, Parameterized Blueprints to enhance Reusability and reduce Sprawl, Policy-Based optimization of Virtual Machine Placement, enhanced control of NSX-Provisioned Load Balancers, Enhanced NAT Port Forwarding Rules, NSX Security Group and Tag management etc.

    Now, it is an automated process with new feature of generate certificate signing request (CSR) in install wizard.

    This five days course training prepares you for VMware Certified Professional 8 Cloud Management and Automation (VCP7-CMA); make it your next goal.

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