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VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) Training

What VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) training is all about?

In this VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) Training, you will learn varied techniques to execute VMware vSphere 6.7u3 on NetApp ONTAP 9.6. The training course at Microtek Learning gives a quick update on the newest versions of VMware and ONTAP, introduces the modern tools to maintain a VMware virtual infrastructure (VSC 9.6), and describes and gives practical hands-on exercises to provision datastores & storage for guest VMs with distinct protocols. It additionally points administrators to methods for backing their virtual infrastructure following best practices and talk about methodologies and tools to maintain and examine for performance and health.


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What are the course objectives for VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) training?
  • Discussing VMFS datastores and NFS datastores deployment perfect practices.
  • Implementing Data Storage phases for Guest Vms.
  • Discussing ONTAP architecture and recent Hardware.
  • Describing vSphere updates (6.5 & 6.7).
  • Describing and installing NetApp Tools and interfacing for VMware vSphere.
  • Utilizing Application Granular Data Management ( AppDM).
  • Discussing VMFS datastores and NFS datastore deployment excellent practices.
  • Implementing Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM).
  • Discussing VVOL datastores deployment practices.
  • Implementing Data Storage phases for Guest Vms.
  • Exploit usage of the storage asset utilizing efficient characteristics.
Who should attend VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) training?

This training is intended for Cloud Infrastructure Architects and professionals working on Data Center Operations. However, storage administrators and cloud engineers can also sign up.

What are the prerequisites for VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) training?

Learners should complete following prerequisite before enrolling in this training course:-

  • Experience or completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.7].
  • Experience to manage Windows or Linux or professionals working as System Administrators.
  • Experience or completion of the ONTAP Cluster Administration ONTAP 9.6.
What is the course outline for VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) training?
  • 1. SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere Overview
  • a). Features and benefits
  • b). Deployment scenarios and configurations
  • c). RBAC integration
  • d). Installation workflow
  • 2. Installing and Configuring the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere
  • a). Installation and configuration
  • b). VSC host migration
  • 3. Creating and Backing Up VMware Resources
  • a). Defining a data protection strategy
  • b). Backing up VMs, VMDKs and datastores
  • 4. Restoring VMware Resources
  • a). Restoring VMs and VMDKs from backups
  • b). Restoring guest files and folders
  • c). Mounting and unmounting datastores
  • 5. Labs:
  • a). Configuring storage
  • b). Configuring VMware backup jobs
  • c). Restoring VMware resources
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