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Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration (BNCA) Training


Leverage Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration Training (BNCA) course and get in-depth knowledge and a technical overview of the essential features and advantages of NetApp ONTAP 9 data management software.

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Course Price : $1800 Per Participant

Course Description

Leverage the Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration Training (BNCA) course and get in-depth knowledge and a technical overview of the essential features and advantages of NetApp ONTAP 9 data management software.

The supreme potential in all the critical domains such as disaster recovery, storage efficiency, backup, security compliance resiliency, and availability makes ONTAP software must need power for securing data processing and storage.

The course allows you to explain the functionality and architecture of an ONTAP cluster. With BNCA, you will also be introduced to the fundamental configuration, administration, and management of an ONTAP operating system cluster.

Through practical exercises and lectures, you will learn how to create aggregates, Snapshot® copies, virtual interfaces (VIFs), FlexVol® volumes, storage virtual machines (SVMs), qtrees, and more.  

The course at Microtek Learning is an additional credential for IT generalists, NetApp customers, and academic alliance students. 

NOTE: The word "SVM (storage virtual machine)" is equivalent to the word "Vserver(virtual server)".

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What you will learn

  • green-tick List the steps to create and configure a cluster
  • green-tick Identify the methods to manage a cluster
  • green-tick Describe IPspaces, broadcast domains, and subnets
  • green-tick Describe SVM benefits, components, and features
  • green-tick Describe FlexVol volumes and efficiency features
  • green-tick Describe methods to access files in a cluster


The learners must have fundamental basic knowledge of Linux and good hands-on experience of storage network in cloud technology.

Who should attend this course?

This training is recommended for professionals who are working as Software Developers, Support Engineers, IT professionals, Database Administrators, etc. However, professionals having a deep interest in gaining knowledge in the management and data storage domain can also sign up.

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  • Cluster components
  • ONTAP 9 software
  • - Cluster

    - Nodes

    - High-Availability pairs

    - Networks

    - Ports and logical interfaces

  • ONTAP storage architecture
  • - Physical Storage

    - Aggregates

    - Logical storage

    - SVM with FlexVol volumes

  • Cluster configurations
  • ONTAP 9 software deployments
  • - All Flash FAS and FAS

    - FlexPod solution

    - FlexArray virtualization

    - ONTAP Select

    - NetApp Provate Storage (NPS)

    - ONTAP Cloud

  • Supported cluster configuration
  • - Single node

    - 2-note switchless

    - Multimode switched

    - MetroCluster

  • Create a cluster
  • Administrators
  • - Cluster administrators

    - SVM administrators

  • Accessing the cluster
  • - Command line interface (CLI)

    - OnCommand System Manager

  • Managing clusters
  • Clustershell
  • System manager dashboard
  • OnCommand Management portfolio
  • Configuring clusters
  • Managing cluster access
  • - User accounts

    - Access method

    - User role

  • Predefined SVM roles
  • Monitoring clusters
  • - AutoSupport

    - OnCommand portfolio

  • Management and data networks
  • Ports and logical interfaces
  • - Physical ports

    - Interface groups

    - VLANs

    - Network ports

  • IPspaces
  • - Components

    - Broadcast domains

    - Subnets

  • Network interfaces
  • - Data LIFs

  • Data SVM
  • - Benefits

    - Considerations

    - SVM with FlexVol volumes

    - FlexGroup volume

    - Root volume

    - Administration

  • FlexVol volumes
  • Snapshot technology
  • Volume efficiency
  • - Deduplication

    - Data compression

    - Inline data compaction

  • Moving volumes
  • Cloning volumes
  • SVM setup workflow
  • Editing an SVM
  • Configuring SVMs
  • NAS
  • - Overview

    - FlexVol volme

    - Controlling file acess

  • SVM namespace
  • - Root volume and junctions

    - Namespace architecture

    - Namespace protection

  • NFS protocol
  • - Overview

    - Configure NFS file access

    - UNIX file permissions

  • SMB protocol
  • - Overview

    - Configure SMB file access

  • SAN
  • - Overview

    - Protocols: FC, iSCSI FCoE

  • SCSI concepts
  • LUN
  • IP SAN nodes and ports
  • Implementing a SAN
  • - Steps

    - Interoperability matrix tool

    - Host utilities

  • IP SAN
  • - Architecture

    - Configurations

  • IP SAN target configuration
  • IP SAN initiator configuration
  • LUN access steps
  • - Preparation

    - Thick provisioning

    - Thin provisioning

    - Configuration decision

    - Create a LUN

    - Initiator group

    - Map a LUN

    - Verification

  • Window multipath driver overview
  • Navigating the NetApp OnCommand System Manager
  • Updating NetApp Oncommand System Manager administration settings
  • Synchronize the system time for Windows domain
  • Assign an NTP server to the cluster
  • Networking ports
  • IPspaces
  • Network interfaces
  • Components and features
  • FlexVol volumes
  • Volume move
  • Creating and managing SVMs
  • Explore ONTAP NAS configuration
  • Explore SMB client configuration
  • Explore the NFS client configuration
  • Explore ONTAP IP SAN configuration
  • Explore the iSCSI client configuration
  • FAQs

    This certification training is the start of journey to become NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA).

    Out trainers will give you server Access to acquire practical hands-on training. As being the leading accredited training partner of NetApp, we at Microtek support all the candidates for practical learning.

    We regularly conduct 2 days training for Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration certification course. We allow you to attend the next one with prior notice.

    The job roles available for Netapp certified professionals include NetApp Engineer, NetApp Storage Architect, NetApp Storage Administrator, Storage Engineer/consultant etc.

    Yes, ONTAP certification is a high in demand credential. The companies like Hitachi, Oracle, CSC, ValueLabs, IBM, TCS, Commvault, Qualcomm etc need certified ONTAP professionals.

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      Duration: 2 Days

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