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Microsoft Power Platform


Companies today depend on data for making informed choices, whether that’s the recording of payroll information or documentation of processes in place and analysis of the data to make conclusions. In the case of the pursuit of innovation, budgets and IT resources could prevent individuals from trying out innovative methods. There are instances that there’s not enough room to launch a new idea or venture.

Microsoft is the leader in the market in enterprise applications and tools because of the variety of tools available that it its own Microsoft Power Platform which is a low-code and no-code set of tools that allow its users to carry out three major data-driven functions: Analyze Act and Automate. Along with the power of the Power Platform come the capabilities of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate (formerly Flow), and Power Virtual Agent. The three options are a perfect match to allow users of every level of the organization to use data to its fullest potential.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform by Microsoft – A robust software package called Microsoft Power Platform enables users to design solutions, automate processes, analyse data, and create virtual agents. The idea of Power Platform came from the belief that businesses are constantly receiving data from all over the world. The idea that businesses can make use of data to gain insight and improve business processes by using intelligent technology is where the Power Platform fits in.

Microsoft Power Platform

The four fundamental components of Microsoft Power Platform Training are as follows:

  • Power Apps – helps you develop custom applications quickly and easily without having to learn programming skills
  • Power BI is a data-analysis tool that connects to sources of data, displaying data, and supporting in collecting business intelligence
  • Automation Power (formerly known as Flow) An automated template for typical automated procedures that can be modified and automated
  • You can manually design your chatbot with Power Virtual Agents.

Let’s examine each of these tools thoroughly and then see what they can do for the operations of your business. .

Power Apps

The concept of building applications that don’t need months or substantial development is known as “power apps.” Users of Power Apps can create no-code or low-code apps. There is a minimum of code to create a sophisticated and intelligent application that incorporates your company’s thinking. These applications, along with the additional Power Platform solutions are able to be used on various devices, such as Android phone and iOS operating system, laptops or tablet, desktop online or online any time, from anywhere. You can create highly personalized tasks that offer you with an immersive experience beginning with your data or data model all up into your company processes, and using it across multiple devices. You can also build models-driven or canvas applications that span multiple sources.

Power Apps and the overall Power Platform place a strong emphasis on security. Advanced security for enterprise management, control, and administration are all available within Power Apps, and you can manage them through Azure Active Directory, which allows you to create multiple-factor authentication. The most significant feature of Power Platform applications Power Platform applications is that you are able to connect almost every data source, and also integrate the data with your existing systems, so that you can build a new solution. It is possible to use the data in Dynamics 365 and inherently connect that data to an application that you’ve created and use the data you receive from there.

Power BI

Power BI is a tool for data analysis that can connect to sources of data, displaying data, and aiding in collecting business intelligence. It is able to process data and display it as a pie chart bars graphs, dashboards or map. It is done this way to make things simpler for people to understand. Furthermore, Power BI makes it easy to present data visually. An array of visualization tools are available through the drag-and-drop.

In Power BI there are common data sources, such as you SQL database Dynamics Environment, as well as data from file servers, such as Excel. To make one image, all of these techniques or kinds of data can be combined. PowerBI dashboards do not have to be restricted to pulling data from Microsoft platform and can be integrated with other cloud-based applications.

Power Automate

The Power Automate can be used to automate processes to automate the manual processes that are essential to a successful workflow and avoid errors made by hand that can occur. Power Automate is a powerful automated workflow solution that can help you connect different applications and process data. Power Automate allows you to automate and develop business processes that are compatible with your applications as well as the services you already have in place. They can range from basic automation to more complex scenarios like creating branches , or having various triggers and actions.

A wide range of functions are accessible within Power Automate. Some of them are part of the Microsoft Cloud applications, while others can be used to create unique processes or applications, like Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as the Common Data Service). With its built-in platforms and reliable data connectivity, Power Automate can give you a more comprehensive smart, efficient, and automated experience.

Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agents are intelligent virtual robots that communicate and perform a lot of the work you may have to complete manually or pay an outside source to complete through robots online. It lets you build chatbots completely from scratch. Utilizing a visual, guided interface, teams can build powerful chatbots without programming and without the help of programmers or data scientists and allowing the teams to work in tandem.

Microsoft Power Platform Exclusive Features

Here are a few of the most significant capabilities that enable MS Power Platform to be utilized to the fullest extent:

Microsoft Dataverse

The main characteristic in Microsoft Dataverse its capability to securely store and manage data from a variety of sources. By adopting a common data model, you will allow you to quickly and easily integrate the data into applications for business.

AI Builders

Users and developers can use AI Builder to incorporate AI features for Power Apps and processes. AI Builder is a ready-to-use application. AI Builder also enables users to add AI capabilities to processes and applications.

Data Connectors

Connectors act as a bridge between two points through which orders and information can be transferred There are more than 275 connectors in the MS Power Platform. These enable all operations and data to be linked to one another in a coordinated way.

Microsoft Power Platform Training

Your team can work to solve business problems effectively by with Microtek Learning. Through Microsoft Power Platform training, you will learn the skills of developing apps, analyzing data that automate processes, as well as developing virtual agent. Through the integration of Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate across the whole Microsoft Power Platform—as well as to Dynamics 365 (D365), which will enable innovation throughout your entire company—your team will also be able to construct reliable, end-to-end business solutions.

We are an official Microsoft Gold-certified Training Partner and we have been offering official Microsoft training for Business Apps to modernize processes that streamline business operations and streamline workflows. We offer certified training provided with Microsoft certified trainers (MCTs) for the entire Microsoft Power Platform portfolio. You may learn Power Platform using a variety of methods and become certified in Power Platform by using our Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC-enabled) certification training.

Why should you choose Microtek Learning as your partner in Microsoft Business Apps training?

the experience and competence to deliver Business Apps Training Solutions, such as Power BI Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Power Platform;

* approved as a partner for a number of initiatives, including the End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF), Trainers for Hire (T4H), and Customer Immersion Experience (CIE);

* Provides the entire range of Microsoft Business Apps courses and preparation for certification as well as

Simple registration process and capability to report through a managed learning portal.

Start your team’s training by looking into the Power Platform courses right away!


A Power Platform is, in the essence, a combination comprised of 4 distinct technology which function as a single unit. In addition, you can connect to MS Power Platform to several external data sources and programs like Twitter or Google Analytics. Fully make use of this suite of applications possible to make the most of it. Then, you can modify, add to, and integrate whatever service you need for your company. Start your team’s learning journey today with Microsoft Power Platform Training.

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