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IntroductionWhy learn Microsoft Security?
Who can avail of this certification?
SC-900 Exam pattern
What are the skills measured in SC-900 certification?
Latest updates
Enhance Your Microsoft Security Knowledge with Microtek Learning


Recently Microsoft has introduced some courses which focus on security. From this group of courses, there is SC-900. It focuses on security, compliance, and identity.

  • It is the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and identity fundamentals that provide broad knowledge across Microsoft security services.
  • Completing this certification will help the candidate understand the Zero trust model, Microsoft privacy, M365, and Azure Defender Azure AD, and a broad overview of Microsoft and M365 security services.
  • This certification is essential no matter what your Azure path is.
  • Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Certification is the most popular certification training today, and it covers all basic entry-level knowledge on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Security

Why Should You Learn Microsoft Security?

Today, in the remote work culture, many organizations don’t have their employees, devices, and software in a single place, which changes the range of cybersecurity. By concentrating on identity fundamentals, you can protect your company from security threats.

Active Directory is Microsoft’s industry-standard enterprise, and Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity management system for security. These two Microsoft software services have made it simple for organizations of all sizes to have best-in-class identity management.

Who can avail of this certification?

  • This certification mainly focuses on the audience who are interested in the security, compliance, and identity components of the Microsoft service. These services are used across the Azure cloud.
  • The knowledge about the security and compliance can be useful in multiple ways. Business stakeholders can get a better knowledge about how the security measures and compliances.
  • That is being used around in the company. Whether you are a fresher or a tenured professional in the IT industry can avail the SC-900 course that will bring in new career opportunities.

Candidate who are familiar with the concepts fo Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 can enhance their knowledge with Microsoft Security and Compliance. They can provide a complete and holistic end-to-end solution.

This will increase their market value from a career perspective.

SC-900 Exam pattern

  • SC-900 is Microsoft Certified Exam. It is conducted in multiple languages which is globally accepted and recognized.
  • Individuals who are having experience in Security and Compliance can take up the he SC-900 Exam, which is designed especially for them. They can also learn various Cloud based Microsoft Services.
  • For successfully gaining the certification, the candidate should keep in mind the exam policies. Initially there are two attempts to clear the exam. If not cleared in the first attempt, candidate will have to wait for 24hrs for re-examination. If they yet need another chance, it needs to rescheduled after 14 days.
  • Also if the candidate wishes to cancel the attempt, it needs to be done 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment. If the cancellation is done after that, there is no refund provided.
  • The exam cost id US$ 99.
  • The exam contains 40-60 different questions that you must answer in 60 minutes. The passing score for SC-900 is 700 marks (70%).

What are the skills measured in SC-900 certification?

  • Secure, Compliant and identity
  • MS Identity and access management
  • MS Security Solutions
  • MS Compliance Solutions

Security, Compliance, and identity:

This module covers about 5-10% of the SC-900 certification exam.

It contains:

Security Methodologies:

Security Methodologies include the Zero Trust Methodology, Zero Trust Security, and the Zero Trust Deployment Center.

It also contains the cloud responsibility model and Defense in depth.

Security concepts :

This includes the understanding of the common malware and threats.

Microsoft Security and compliance principles:

It has the Microsoft Privacy principles with the Microsoft Trust Center and the introduction to Microsoft Service Trust Portal.

MS Identity and Access Management Solution

It covers about 25-30% of the total SC-900 certification exam

It includes:

Defining identity principles and concepts contain:

This module defines Access control security and Azure Identity Management. It also has the Authentication and Authorization of AD with the AD Domain Services Overview.

Describing the identity services and types of Azure AD

It describes the features of AD which are managed with the Azure Resources. It also contains App management and Resource access using Azure AD groups.

Describing the Authentic potential of Azure AD

This module focuses on the Authenticity of the Active directory. The self-service password reset feature, helps the user to unlock and change passwords themselves. It removes the bad password with Azure AD Password Protection.

Describing Access management potential of Azure AD

Access management feature contains the Roles based access control in the Azure AD. It has conditional access with predefined roles.

MS Security Solutions

This Module cover about 30-35% of the total SC-900 certification exam

Describing the basic security capabilities in Azure

It defines the basic security features in Azure. Having components like Azure Network Security group with DDoS protection, Firewall, and Encryption overview.

Describing security management potential of Azure

It has the Cloud Security Management with Security guidelines for MS Azure.

This module also contains the Azure security Center and a brief introduction to Azure defenders.

Describing Threat protection with Microsoft 365 Defender

This module describes the functions of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 in the Security center. It describes the threat protection with MS defender and MS cloud App Security overview.

Describing security management capabilities of Microsoft 365

This module shows the potential of reports and insights in the Security and compliance center. If any issues that occur are noted and managed as Incident Management in the MS 365 Defender.

Enhanced feature of Microsoft Intune with Endpoint Security

The endpoint security is managed in Microsoft Intune.

It manages the endpoint security in Microsoft Intune. This online cloud-based service focuses on Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

MS Compliance Solutions

This Module cover about 30-35% of the total SC-900 certification exam

Describing the compliance management capabilities in Microsoft

It includes MS 365 Compliance Center and Manager. It also includes the Compliance score calculation.

Describing protection and administration potential of Microsoft 365

It protects the information in MS 365

It includes Data Classification, Activity explorer, and Sensitivity Labels.

It also has Data Loss prevention.

Insider Risk capabilities in Microsoft 365

This module includes Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance in MS 365.

It has a detailed study about Information barriers and Privileged management. It also has the customer lockbox in O365.

Describing eDiscovery of Microsoft 365

It includes solutions for eDiscovery in MS 365. It has Core and Advanced eDiscovery in MS 365.

The Audit capabilities in Microsoft 365

It contains the study of Audit logs from the compliance center. It also has Advanced Audit.

Governance capabilities in Azure

It has the governance to Lock resources in case of unexpected failure and changes. It has the Azure Blueprints and Policy.

Latest Updates

The latest updates in the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity certification – English language version are as follows. It was updated on 28th January, 20222.

1. Changes in the curriculum

  • When it comes to describing security and compliance principles and procedures, hashing is the way to go.
  • Describing Microsoft Defender for Cloud, securing score in Microsoft Defender Cloud, CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management, and improving the security of Microsoft Defender for the cloud in security management capabilities of Azure.
  • Describing security capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel for integrated threat protection.
  • Describe Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications.

2. The passing score is 700 marks for the exam.

3. For this SC-900 certification, there is NO retirement date.

4. Besides Japanese and English, Other languages like French, Chinese (traditional & simplified), Italian, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, and Indonesian were added.

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