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CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration Training

What CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration training is all about?

CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration Training exposes professionals to networking and NetScaler configurations and concepts. This technical course helps individuals look critically at constraints, environmental requirements, and business drivers to develop a complex Citrix networking solution. Professionals will learn and master different advanced topics, including multi-tenant deployments and multi-site, load balancing and advanced authentication and automation, and advanced troubleshooting.

This training is developed for IT professionals with extensive Citrix ADC and networking experience. It is also suitable for professionals whose work involves defining the overall structure of a Citrix networking environment. It encompasses the latest Citrix design principles and advanced Citrix networking configurations, making it very useful for individuals preparing for the CCE-N (Citrix Certified Expert in Networking) exam. This program teaches you how to recognize and prioritize business drivers, requirements, and constraints within the Citrix Consulting methodology. You will also get to learn how to assess environment requirements and apply advanced load balancing and authentication principles.


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What are the course objectives for CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration training?
  • Applying advanced principles for load balancing and authentication.
  • Identifying and prioritizing business drivers, requirements and constraints when utilizing Citrix consulting methodology.
  • Learn how to apply leading principles and environment needs and address them into Multi-Level Site Citrix ADC deployment.
Who should attend CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration training?

This training is designed for IT professionals holding in-depth knowledge about Citrix ADC experience. However, the course is intended for professionals working on detailed overall structure of Citrix Networking environment.

What is the course outline for CNS-420 Citrix (NetScaler) Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration training?
  • 1. Networking Methodology and Assessment
  • a). Understanding the Citrix methodology
  • b). Business Drivers and Requirementrs
  • c). User Segmentation
  • d). Application Assessment
  • e). Capabilities Assessment
  • 2. Citrix Networking Deployment Architecture and Topology
  • a). Multi-Site Deployments
  • b). Multi Tennant Infrastructure
  • c). Cloud Deployments
  • d). High Availability
  • e). Citrix ADC Double-Hop Scenarios
  • f). Secure Web Gateway
  • 3. Advanced Authentication and Authorization
  • a). Authorization Policies
  • b). Access Policies
  • c). Advanced Authentication Options
  • d). Multi-Factor Authentication
  • e). nFactor Authentication
  • f). AAA Session Management
  • 4. Citrix ADC Security
  • a). Authorization
  • b). Pre-authentication and Endpoint Analysis Scans
  • c). Protection against Layer 4-7 Attacks
  • d). Web App Firewall
  • 5. Citrix Gateway Configuration Considerations
  • a). ICA Proxy Configuration
  • b). VPN Access
  • c). Clientless Access
  • d). Split Tunneling
  • e). RDP Proxy Deployment and Configuration
  • 6. Advanced Load Distribution and Link Load Balancing
  • a). Advanced Load Balancing
  • b). Link Load Balancing
  • c). Firewall Load Balancing
  • d). Microsoft Exchange Load Balancing
  • e). Advanced Global Server Load Balancing
  • f). Global Server Load Balancing Persistence
  • g). DNS, Policies, Expressions, Actions, and Views
  • h). GSLB Monitoring and Considerations
  • 7. Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration
  • a). Application Delivery Management Outbound Traffic Dashboard
  • b). Automation
  • c). Orchestration
  • d). Configuration Jobs
  • e). Configuration Audit
  • f). NITRO API
  • g). StyleBooks (Net-new)
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