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Introduction to Hadoop Administration Training

What Introduction to Hadoop Administration training is all about?

Introduction to Hadoop Administration Training is designed to help professionals develop a conceptual understanding of all the important steps to maintain and operate a Hadoop cluster. This technical course educates about the Big Data landscape and provides comprehensive information about a system administration working aspect of running Hadoop. Throughout the program, students get to learn about the most challenging situations that Hadoop administrators face in the real world. It also familiarizes them with the latest updates and details of the platform. This course is suitable for Administrators who are responsible for managing the Hadoop cluster and other related elements in Linux environments. In this course, trainees will learn the leading methodologies to test Hadoop programs and tune and optimize the Hadoop performance. It also teaches them to install Hadoop for HBase and helps in exploring Mahout, MLib, and other frameworks.


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What are the course objectives for Introduction to Hadoop Administration training?
  • How to rectify Pinpoint performance bottlenecks.
  • Maintaining and monitoring multiple servers at a single time.
  • Developing, planning and deploying HBase on Hadoop cluster.
  • Developing and deploying extra Big Data tools likewise Flume, Pig, Hive etc.
  • Maintaining, planning and implementing Hadoop clusters.
  • Defining about administrative participations enclosed in Big Data Projects.
  • Understanding the advantages of appropriated computing.
  • Understanding about Hadoop architecture covering MapReduce and HDFS.
Who should attend Introduction to Hadoop Administration training?

This training is intended for IT professionals, analytics professionals and data management who are seeking to master their skills in Hadoop Administration. Although, Software developers, Analytics Professionals, Software Testers, Data Management Professionals, BI Professionals, Data Scientists, Project Managers can sign up for this certification.

Professionals who are seeking to begin career in Data Analytics can also enroll for this training.

What is the course outline for Introduction to Hadoop Administration training?
  • 1. Introduction
  • Hadoop history and concepts
  • Ecosystem
  • Distributions
  • High level architecture
  • Hadoop myths
  • Hadoop challenges (hardware/software)
  • 2. Planning and installation
  • Selecting software and Hadoop distributions
  • Sizing the cluster and planning for growth
  • Selecting hardware and network
  • Rack topology
  • Installation
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Directory structure and logs
  • Benchmarking
  • 3. HDFS operations
  • Concepts (horizontal scaling, replication, data locality, rack awareness)
  • Nodes and daemons (NameNode, Secondary NameNode, HA Standby NameNode, and DataNode)
  • Health monitoring
  • Command-line and browser-based administration
  • Adding storage and replacing defective drives
  • 4. MapReduce operations
  • Parallel computing before MapReduce: compare HPC versus Hadoop administration
  • MapReduce cluster loads
  • Nodes and Daemons (JobTracker and TaskTracker)
  • MapReduce UI walk through
  • MapReduce configuration
  • Job config
  • Job schedulers
  • Administrator view of MapReduce best practices
  • Optimizing MapReduce
  • Fool proofing MR: what to tell your programmers
  • YARN: architecture and use
  • 5. Advanced topics
  • Hardware monitoring
  • System software monitoring
  • Hadoop cluster monitoring
  • Adding and removing servers and upgrading Hadoop
  • Backup, recovery, and business continuity planning
  • Cluster configuration tweaks
  • Hardware maintenance schedule
  • Oozie scheduling for administrators
  • Securing your cluster with Kerberos
  • The future of Hadoop
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