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Learn Microsoft SQL Server in Houston. You can maximize the benefits of your Microsoft SQL Server training by enrolling in a Microtek Learning program in Houston, TX.

Microsoft's SQL Server is the industry standard relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL (Structured Query Language) instructions make it easy for other integrated programs on the same or different computer systems across networks to access the filtered data stored in SQL Server. SQL Server's robust capabilities make it possible for database users and administrators to not only store, filter, and manage data, but also conduct effective data analysis.

This widely used RDBMS helps companies in building safe, scalable database containers for storing and managing data as well as providing helpful reports for sustaining educated decisions through data searching. Through its SQL Server certification training, Microtek Learning Houston enables you to become familiar with vast database administration features.

SQL Server in Houston, TX: Delivery Formats
You can learn the latest technologies from scratch with the help of Microtek Learning Houston's staff of Microsoft-certified instructors. We provide flexible onsite, classroom, online, public, private, group, and instructor-led blended learning schedules for our Microsoft SQL Server certification training.

Learn Microsoft SQL Server in person or live online with an instructor at our Houston location. In Houston, Microtek Learning offers more than 1000 professional training courses. Microtek Learning provides the certification training you need, whether you're looking for private on-site Microsoft SQL Server training for a small group in Houston or an instructor-led online Microsoft SQL Server training.

Prerequisites for SQL Server Certification Training

  • Understanding relational databases

  • The ability to optimize and write queries

  • Knowledge of database design

  • Understanding of business intelligence and data warehousing

  • Understanding of SQL Server technologies and tools

  • Understanding of compliance and security

  • Knowledge of database management


Who Should Attend SQL Server Training Courses?

  • Data analysts

  • Database programmers

  • Professionals in business intelligence

  • Administrators of systems

  • IT-related professionals who wish to become expert SQL Server Database administrators

  • Students and recent graduates who desire to work in database management

  • Professionals seeking to improve their SQL Server expertise


The following abilities can be learned after taking SQL Server training and certification courses:

1. Comprehending SQL, or Structured Query Language

2. Database management and creation skills

3. The ability to create and run SQL queries

4. The ability to create and use database items

5. The ability to boost database performance

6. The ability to analyze and fix database problems

7. Database security and data integrity expertise

8. Knowledge of backup and restore procedures for databases

9. Understanding of business intelligence and data warehousing principles

10. Knowledge of database management systems, including SSMS - SQL Server Management Studio, and how to use them effectively.

Why Choose Microtek Learning for SQL Server Certification Training?

The following are advantages of selecting Microtek Learning for SQL Server training:

  • Certified Instructors: Microtek Learning offers qualified instructors to guarantee top-notch instruction.

  • Microtek Learning offers specialized training programs to assist you advance your profession.

  • Microtek Learning provides destination training so that you can study in a relaxed setting.

  • Affordability Microtek Learning offers its training programs at a fair price.

  • Leading Training Institute: Microtek Learning is a leading training institute worldwide.

  • Flexible Dates: Microtek Learning provides a range of scheduling options for its training courses.

  • Instructor-Led Online Training: Microtek Learning provides this service so you can learn from the convenience of your home.

  • Variety Course Offerings: Microtek Learning provides a variety of course selection to assist you in acquiring the necessary skills.

  • Accredited Training: Microtek Learning offers accredited training to guarantee top-notch instruction.

  • Better career prospects: According to a Global Knowledge survey, certifications in SQL Server can result in pay increases of up to 22%.

  • Greater knowledge: Training for SQL Server certification offers a thorough comprehension of the SQL Server platform.

  • Increased credibility: Certification attests to a person's proficiency with the SQL Server platform.

  • Better career opportunities: SQL Server certifications may lead to new employment chances in the IT sector.

  • Greater self-assurance: Certification training helps people feel more confident about their SQL Server working skills.

Key Features

  • Certified & Industry Experts Trainers
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Free Demo on Request
  • Multiple Training Delivery Methods
  • 24/7 Support
  • One-on-One Doubt Clearing
  • Curriculum Designed by Experts
  • Real-time Project Use Cases
  • Assessment Quiz
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Frequently Asked Questions

SQL certifications can cost anywhere between USD 1785 and USD 2975 based on your choice of learning partner, client location, and learning technique.

Yes, professionals in all industries can benefit greatly from taking Microsoft SQL Server courses. Microsoft, a leader in the field, provides enterprises all over the world with SQL Server, a relational database management system for storing and retrieving data. The application not only aids in managing data storage but also in carrying out requests and inquiries made by system users.

Additionally, Microsoft provides a variety of add-on tools and packages for robust SQL server compatibility data management and analytics. Because of this, certified personnel can expand and scale up existing data management systems as necessary in addition to improving them. In the US, the annual compensation of a Microsoft SQL Server certified expert might range from USD 95,000 to USD 140,000.

The course is designed for beginners, so anyone interested in learning how to write fundamental SQL or Transact-SQL queries is welcome to enroll.

The following materials are included in your Microsoft SQL Server certification training:

  • A PDF version of the relevant Microsoft SQL Server training materials produced by SMEs.
  • Microtek Learning provides excellent relevant resources.
  • Gain access to the lab sessions for the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • A certificate of accomplishment
  • The advanced level training is perfect for database professionals who want to grow in their organization's business intelligence development role. Entry-level professionals are not advised to take this course; instead, power information workers who manage report implementation should.

    Know more about Houston, TX

    Houston city is in Texas State, and in the USA, it is the 4th most populous city. Nearly 145 languages are spoken in that city, and it is the most diverse region in the United States. Houston city is famous for NASA's Texas Medical Center and Johnson Space Center, the top-rated healthcare and research organizations. Houston City economy is significantly diversified and is dependent on many things such as energy, manufacturing, transportation, aeronautics, and healthcare. After New York City, it is the 2nd biggest city for organizations to set up their headquarters.

    As we know, the industry is transforming itself with the latest technologies, so it is now necessary for every professional to stay ahead and keep themselves updated with the upcoming developments and technologies. Microsoft Certification Training in Houston, TX, is there for you to provide such training and help you understand the in-depth concept and enhance your industrial knowledge with the latest trends and technologies.

    The SQL Server certification Training in Houston, TX, is an excellent choice for professionals who wants to empower their knowledge and skills and stay ahead in their company. As per the research, certified candidates have higher chances of getting employed than non-certified ones.

    An industry-certified expert will deliver our most in-demanded SQL Server training in Houston. We have different training delivery formats for candidates. For instance, you don't want to go to an early morning class, or your work timing and class timing clashes or you feel demotivated because of such small things. With Virtual Instructor-Led training, you can attend your class anywhere with a laptop. With eLearning training, you can study at your own pace anywhere, anytime, and you can customize your training according to your schedules. Contact us to do so. Our consultants will be happy to assist you in your journey to become Microsoft Certified.

    Not sure which course to choose?

    If you are having trouble deciding on a training program, it is best to consult a professional. Call us at
    1-800-961-0337 or send us an email.


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