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The ONTAP Troubleshooting (CATSP) Training is a Partner-only course. Through this course you will improve your expertise as a NetApp® ONTAP® software engineer by learning how to troubleshoot ONTAP environs. This course at Microtek Learning specifically allows you to learn how to troubleshoot and debug the management component, scale-out networking, SAN protocols (iSCSI), and NAS protocols (NFS and SMB). From active exercises, demonstrations, and lectures, you will learn how to cut off problems, view trace messages, view logs, verify configurations, and use event management system messages to troubleshoot. It is a Partner Only Course so the normal audience count Professional Services engineers, NetApp Technical Support engineers, and Support Services Certified partner engineers. Working knowledge or hands-on experience of ONTAP software and SAN and NAS protocols is important while pursuing this specialized training course.

Prerequisites for this training

  • A working knowledge of ONTAP software and NAS and SAN protocols
  • ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP9ADM)

    This course is part of the following Certifications:

  • NetApp Certified Support Engineer – ONTAP Specialist (NCSE-OS)

Who should attend this course?

This training is intended for Support Services Certified partner engineers and NetApp Technical Support engineers. However, professional services engineers can also sign up for this training.


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What you will learn

  • Describing about the methodologies so as to rectify management components apps, protocols and networks.
  • Describing about diversified software components utilized in ONTAP architecture.
  • Describing about the methods utilized to troubleshoot management component apps, protocols and networks.
  • Utilizing troubleshooting workflows in rectifying potential sources, clarifying errors and identifying failed symptoms.
  • Utilizing debugging commands, tools and logs for isolation, identification and rectifying complicated technical hindrances that evolve diversified core workings.
  • Summarizing the conclusions and verify health of a cluster.
  • Identifying error s covered in Management components.
  • Utilizing administration commands so as to verify the configuration of SMB, iSCI and NFS.
  • Utilizing methodologies so as to troubleshoot for SMB, iSCI and NFS to isolate and define errors.
  • Collecting data for supported cases.
  • Locating logs so as to manage networks, components, NFS, iSCI and SMB protocols.


  • Management component
  • RDB Concepts: Units, Quorum, Master, Epoch and Epsilon
  • Configuration and replication databases
  • Job manager
  • RDB backup and recovery
  • Non-RDB user-space applications
  • Event management system, logs, traces and user-space core files
  • ONTAP networking overview
  • Networking-related management component application and databases
  • Networking evolution
  • Cluster session manager
  • Tools to triage networking issues
  • Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Network component
  • SecD
  • SecD troubleshooting
  • Network component troubleshooting
  • NFS Overview
  • How NFS works in ONTAP software
  • ONTAP NFS authorization using export policies and UNIX permissions
  • Export-related caches
  • NFS troubleshooting
  • SMB
  • SMB services
  • SMB troubleshooting
  • SAN architecture
  • Scalable SAN configuration
  • Scalable SAN functional components
  • CLAM quorum
  • Scalable SAN troubleshooting
  • With Microtek Learning, you’ll receive:

    • Certified Instructor-led training
    • Industry Best Trainers
    • Official Training Course Student Handbook
    • Pre and Post assessments/evaluations
    • Collaboration with classmates (not available for a self-paced course)
    • Real-world knowledge activities and scenarios
    • Exam scheduling support*
    • Learn and earn program*
    • Practice Tests
    • Knowledge acquisition and exam-oriented
    • Interactive online course.
    • Support from an approved expert
    • For Government and Private pricing*

    * For more details call: +1-800-961-0337 or Email: info@microteklearning.com

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    I was sceptical at first whether to enrol with Microtek Learning or not, however, I am glad that I did- I got everything that was promised (maybe more). The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable and with his effort and mine, I was able to clear the exam with ease! Keep up the good work everyone.



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    I'm really impressed with the storytelling skills of the instructor. She makes the session exciting by keeping things simple and easy to understand.

    Prince N.


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    I was recommended the ITIL 4 Foundation course by an IT professional who had completed the same course at Microtek Learning. The training gave me a thorough understanding of service management that I felt I could take back to my job as an IT Project Management and apply it to improve the value of products and services.

    Marsh George


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    • Duration: 4 Days
    • Enrolled: 1348
    • Price: $3600
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