Reasons Why You Should Get a Cloud Computing Certification

Cloud Computing Certification

Today, organizations are looking for employees with certifications so as to create a benchmark in the industry. Cloud computing is in trend because in organizations where cloud computing is adopted, users can access applications or files from anywhere through internet-connected devices. Hence, if you have a certification in cloud computing, you can help your employer to lessen risks and also the costs since it provides you with various services and resources. Consequently, your expertise in cloud computing will portray that cloud deployment and other procedures within an enterprise, can be well handled by you. 

These certifications are flexible since they are not industry-specific and can provide you with various opportunities if you are looking for the next role. You can apply in any sector be it healthcare or government, finance or entertainment, etc.  For cloud and solution architects and also for developers, these certifications have a lot of significance.

1. Public Cloud – Enormous amount of space providers like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon among others are some of the space providers, which not only provide users with scalability but also with more power and storage in order to run software programs that are easy to execute and function.

2. Private Cloud –  It is used by a particular organization as it ensures a tight regulatory on-premises cloud. With the benefit of being accessible only by authorized users, a private cloud will also endow you with security as well as control. If your company is a private cloud holder, then it is liable for both, its software and infrastructure. 

3. Hybrid Cloud – A sophisticated blend of public and private clouds, this type of cloud coalesces the control and security of the private cloud and the power of the public cloud. With numerous benefits, a hybrid cloud is advantageous for big data analytics. It can also be used to structure large masses of amorphous data. 

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An internet service provider, cloud computing can further is sub-categorized into the following three models:

1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas)

This service facilitates companies/enterprises to manufacture applications.  The process starts from the root and it enables the company to monitor all the components by itself. Two-thirds of IaaS users find it easy to operate and effectual, according to a study by Oracle.

2. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

This model can be categorized as the subsequent level in the establishment of the application. It incorporates various software and tools like the management of databases, middleware, and operating system. 

3. Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

SaaS marks the ultimate phase of applications-as-a-service.  This version is the most popular among people.

Why Are Cloud Certifications Important?

Certifications are a feather in your cap. They not only validate to employers that you are zealous about your professional life but also portrays that you are a willing candidate who wants to reach the top of the career ladder. Certifications in cloud computing simply prove that you have the proficiency to work and you have enhanced your knowledge according to the industry standards. 

Various studies claim that certifications, training, and experience are a requisite which an enterprise seeks during the recruitment or the employment process for a cloud-related position. However, it is also essential to know that having a certification listed on your resume which is not related to your employer, won’t be much beneficial. Cloud computing certification is enhanced and industry-recognized way to take your career to a new. If you want to concentrate on a specific aspect of cloud computing, you can easily get hold of certifications, for instance, AWS.

The IT market is escalating at a mounting rate and ample skilled professionals are required to meet the ever-increasing demand. One should opt for these certifications due to the following reasons:

  • Firstly, the demand for professionals in cloud computing will continue to grow. One such example is in the USA where almost 25,000 vacancies are open to such certified professionals.
  • Secondly, cloud computing certifications improve your earning prospective where you can easily get six figures in your back account per annum. Potential earners earn as much as $173,719 in a year.
  • Thirdly, cloud computing is a secured job as enterprises are aspiring for stability with the changing industry trends and demands. With the help of cloud developers, organizations tend to create a benchmark.
  • Lastly, certification courses in cloud computing serve as proof of your knowledge and give your employer the authenticity that you are equipped with qualified skills.  

During the hiring process of a cloud computing professional, experience along with training certifications are amongst the top qualities that are asked for.

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Choosing the Best Cloud Certification for Your Career

The cloud computing certification has some of the categories the user can work on. 

•    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

•    AWS Certified Developer – Associate

•    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

•    Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

•    Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

•    Microsoft Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

•    Microsoft Certified Azure Architect Design

•   CompTIA Cloud+ 

Are you ready to take the step to get the best cloud computing certifications and widen your horizons? Well, then, Microtek Learning online preparation providers and online certifications can be of great help. Such courses have connoisseurs which give you extensive training and guidance which will help you to become a cloud computing professional. Browse for cloud certification courses and start your learning process from today.

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