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 By: Admin   Dec/02/2020 

Reasons Why You Should Get a Cloud Computing Certification

Why Cloud Computing Certification


In the new era of the technical realm, every organization, individual, community is technologically dependent. Generally, software and hardware were originated in a similar place, so that you can approach your database and program internally. On the other hand, cloud computing permits you to access your database and applications both internal and external, and all your software including files, applications, emails, and databases is cataloged in 'the cloud'. It is also known as the data center to many users over the Internet.

The current job market is demanding people who are competent in learning and working with a cloud-based service, and this division of the IT sector is only destined to progress. The cloud market around the world is anticipated to grow from $ 296,938.56 million in 2019 to $657,755.20 million by 2025 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 14.17 percent.  As per Wikibon, the AWS (Amazon Web Services) income will jump to $43 billion by 2022 with Google Cloud and MS Azure close to the competition.

More and more organizations are opting for cloud computing solutions, with a drop of internal IT facilities and a hike of cloud-based service providers, which makes it significant to know how to manage a cloud-related service. Therefore, IT professionals must prove that they have the expertise and understanding to compete favorably in the competitive market, and a cloud certification is a great way to start with.



Cloud computing interprets just the same way it is authorized and how it is hosted and who has a permit to it. 


Amazon, Microsoft, or Google are some of the public clouds, providing a gigantic amount of space and translates into scalability. The public cloud is a virtualized infrastructure procuring a little more power and storage to toiled software programs that are easy to operate and implement.


This is a tight regulatory on-premises cloud, utilized by a single organization. A private cloud delivers you both control and security. It can only be accessed, utilized by an authorized user. The company that owns the private cloud is accountable for both software and infrastructure.


This is the combination of both public and private clouds, blending the power of the public cloud and the security and control of the private clouds. It is very beneficial for big data analytics and structuring large masses of unstructured data.



As cloud computing is the service provider through the Internet, cloud computing is sub-categorized into three models:

1. Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas)

Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) services enable the companies to manufacture applications from the very root and want to monitor all the components themselves. According to Oracle, Two-third of Iaas users said that it is easy to operate and it time-efficient to erect an application.

2.Platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Product-as-a-service (PaaS) is the next level of establishment of the application that encompasses the tools and software including database management, operating system, and middleware.

3.Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-service is the final stage or delivery of applications-as-a-service, the cloud computing version used by most of the people daily. According to the operatives, two-thirds of the population spending time on the cloud in 2017 will decline under 60% in 2021.


Why are Cloud Certifications Significant?

If you want to stand out among the crowd in the job market, obtaining the best cloud certifications is a perfect approach to distinguish yourself. Certifications validate the potential employers that you are keen and excited about the work and willing to go reach the zenith level in your career ladder. Cloud certifications can also help you prove the skills required for work within the cloud and support you by enhancing your knowledge against industry best practices.
Certifications are best way to measure skills and knowledge against industry benchmarks. Microsoft and IDC, explained that experience, certification, and training, are some essential attributes the company looks for when employing for a cloud-related position. However, having a certification listed on your CV won’t help much if does not relate to your current or future employer. 

A cloud-based certification validates that you are expert enough to support your organization even to reduce risks and expense to implement your projects and workloads on distinct cloud platforms. This will give prospects for cloud-based projects, and your employers will see you as a reliable and experienced subject matter expert. It will demonstrate that you can easily work on complicated processes and manage cloud deployment in a company.

If you want a new job or you want to specialize in one part of cloud computing, you can easily obtain one or more vendor-precise certifications, like AWS. Cloud certification is a better way to take your career to a new level.


Choosing the Best Cloud Certification for Your Career

The cloud computing certification has some of the categories the user can work on.




1. The demand for cloud computing professional will continue to grow

There is a great advantage to cloud computing certified people, as there are more than 25000 unfilled positions in the USA, and the organizations are looking for qualified professionals so that they can help them in implementing a cloud environment under their roof.

2. Improves your earning potential

After earning the cloud certification you can easily generate six figures in your bank account because the average salary of cloud developers is around $118,758 per year and the cloud architects are the potential earners with the salary of $124,406-$173,719 a year. It can benefit to achieve miles.

3. Secured job

Organizations are looking for professionally trained cloud developers that can fulfill the abilities they required so that they stabilize themselves with the changing market conditions.

4. It proves your knowledge and credibility with the employer

Training certification and experience are the three of the top four qualities that are demanded by an organization when hiring for a cloud-related position. A certification in cloud computing enables your organization to diminish risks and expenses to execute additional projects on different cloud platforms.

5. More and more chances to get shortlisted for an interview

A cloud computing certification will help you the most to get you glanced by hiring companies and can help you to reach the interview stage.


Get Cloud Certification and Set Yourself Apart From Crowd

IT market just keeps growing by the hour and the sector is demanding more and more experienced and skilled cloud professionals. Organizations are having a tough time finding capable candidates, so pursuing cloud computing certifications would be a wise decision for you.


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