Microsoft Azure Certification Career Guide

Microsoft Azure Certification

The evolution of cloud computing has changed the way technology is used. It is now a vital component of an organization’s infrastructure to perform various tasks and processes more effectively. It also provides on-demand access to computer resources, infrastructures, and applications anywhere, anytime. It has also helped organizations reduce their infrastructure costs by up to 30%.

According to IDC reports, cloud services’ outlay is expected to reach $500 billion by 2023.

That is why every person is choosing a cloud platform for businesses and IT solutions. Microsoft Azure is one the most prominent cloud provider that distributes an ever-expanding array of cloud services.

Impact of Azure Certification on your career

Maintaining an endless number of skills and knowledge is different from having a certification. A certification can approve and recommend your skills. According to Pearson VUE and Microsoft, statistics showed the influence of a certificate from a professional’s and a recruiter’s point of view.

About 20% of IT professionals say that they get a raise, 19% secured a job, and 14% are promoted after certification. 

90% of recruiters and hiring managers hire individuals with a certificate.

Now the question is, Why choose Microsoft to get certified?

With the Microsoft certification training, your chances of getting hired increased by 10% for the following reasons.

  • Over the past years, Azure’s growth rate has been better than its opponents.
  • Microsoft comrades itself with many enterprises and its products and services are used in more than 500 companies.
  • Azure is open-source, and 1 of 3 virtual machines uses Linux. .NET Core and PowerShell is also open-sourced.
  • Microsoft tools are adaptable and easy to operate.

Microtek Learning’s training solution was provided to a leading healthcare services company who wanted to migrate their servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The company’s employees achieved the desired goals and reached the required skills gaps of almost 500 employees through the training.

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Now, Let’s see how you can choose the proper certification for you?

Microsoft designed their certification in such a way that it helps individuals to learn skills that suit their job roles. That’s why we say Microsoft Azure Certifications are “role-based”. Some of the positions are developers, administrators, solution architects, security technologies, data engineers, operations, and AI – Artificial Intelligence.

What do you need to know about Microsoft Azure role-based certification?

Microsoft Azure role-based certification

Microsoft gives many varieties of role-based certifications that for sure will help you speed up your career. Azure training has three certification levels:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Associate
  3. Expert

And for each level, individuals must pass the relevant exam.

How to choose the right certification path?

The following is a guide for you on how to choose the right certification path.

  1. Microsoft Azure has two parts – Application and Infrastructure and Data and AI. Choose the one you want to certify in
  2. Are you new to Azure? Take the fundamentals. It gives you the right knowledge for other role-based exams and familiarizes you with the testing process.
  3. Pick the role you want to do. Based on that, you also have various role-based certifications.
  4. Check and read the requirements/prerequisites and exams for the certification you are taking.
  5. Learn from the training, pass the exam, and earn the certification.
Azure Path

Keep yourself updated with the latest Microsoft Azure Certification Training and exams at Microtek Learning.

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Azure Fundamentals Certifications

Azure Associate Certifications

Azure Expert Certifications

With Microsoft certifications, you can ensure that you master the skills and get a better job in the cloud-based and digital era. After all this detailed information above, you can choose the right career with the Azure role-based certification. 

Microtek Learning is a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner. We provide skills-based training by our Microsoft Certified Trainers using the MOC (Microsoft Official Courseware) and Labs. The trainers will explain real-life examples based on your job role, which will help you in your workplace.

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