The Right Path for Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure Certifications


In this evolving world of technologies, being up to date with the latest advancements has become important to build a successful career. One of such development has been seen in the field of cloud computing, which is offering a lot of benefits to businesses nowadays. Having great cloud computing skills and good certification in the same field is the game changer for your career. Microsoft Azure is one such leading cloud platforms and obtaining a certification in this technology is going to help you a lot. As companies are opting azure, the demand for azure skills and certifications is at the peak. It has become a road to success. With a azure certification, you get to enhance your knowledge and skills as well as secure a bright future for yourself. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of Microsoft Azure Certifications and how they will help you take your career to greater heights. So, whether you’re an IT professional or starting your career, we’re going to help you understand how Microsoft Azure Certifications can pave the way to success in the tech world.

Importance of Microsoft Azure Certification:

Adding Microsoft Azure Certificate to your skill set is significantly most important if you are looking to jump into cloud computing as well as in other Information Technology fields.


There is no doubt that Microsoft Azure Certification is one the most sought certification in IT section. Primary reason for this would be that achieving a Microsoft Azure Certification will provide you with better and flexible job opportunities in the field of cloud computing along with adding to your skills set in technology.

Expertise in cloud computing tool

Microsoft Azure is one the most efficient cloud computing tools in the world of computation. Having Microsoft Azure Certificate will ensure that you have efficient knowledge in the respective field and also that you are committed towards learning and building your professional aspects.

Valuable for a company

Every IT company deals with a lot of information that is needed to be managed for secured transfer and retrieval. Hence having a good understanding of tools and technology in cloud computing and security is certainly a valuable asset for a company. And here Microsoft Azure Certification will improve your value in company or enhances your chances to get hired. 

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Benefits of Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure Certifications offers a lot of benefits to the tech professionals who are looking to enhance their skills and advance their career. Some of the benefits are given below.

Increased Earning Potential – An azure certified professionals can have a great pay with all the knowledge and skills they have learnt. According to PayScale, you can earn up to $130,000 per year if you’re an azure certified professional and have the experience in the same field.

Higher Opportunities – A Microsoft Azure Certification provides you a wide range of career opportunities like a developer, cloud engineer etc. It also provides you a job security in the tech industry. A lot of companies are moving their operations to the cloud, making it a highly demand skill in the professionals. With an azure certification, you bring in the potential of having the best skills and expertise to make the best out of every opportunity.

Quick Learning Process – A Microsoft Azure allows you to have the fast-leaning experience. As a newcomer, it becomes easy to adapt to the process and learn the best in the minimum time. With Azure Certification Online Course, you can use books, videos, guides and various other resources for the fast leaning.

Path to go for Azure Certifications

Microsoft provides a variety of Azure Certifications in specific areas of Cloud Computing. The different types of Azure Certifications are:

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals – In this Certification, professionals can learn more about the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure especially who are new to cloud Computing.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate – This certification is for the professionals who manages the day-to-day operations of Azure Based Solutions.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate – This certification is designed for the professionals who design and build could base solutions using Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert – For the professionals who design as well as implement the solutions using Microsoft Azure, this certification is the one.

Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert – This certification is designed for professionals who design and implement DevOps practices using Microsoft Azure.

Preparing for Azure Certification Exams

Preparing for the Azure Certification exams can be a daunting task, but if you have the right approach then it is not impossible.

The first step can be understanding the topics that will be covered during the course. Microsoft provides a brief information on each certification exam including the objectives, skills etc.

Once you get the clear understanding of the objectives and topics, the next step is to study the relevant training materials. Microsoft also provides a variety of training materials like online courses, study guides and practice papers. It’s a wise choice to take advantage of all these resources and practice as much as possible.

You can also join online communities where you can connect to the professionals who have passed the exam and are ready to share their valuable insights on the same. This will help you stay motivated and confident while preparing for the test.

Tips for passing Microsoft Azure Exams:

Here are some tips that will you help and guide you prepare better for Microsoft Azure Exams:

  1. Go through the index and understand the topics that are covered in the Microsoft Azure Exams. It will also help you schedule you pace for learning and practicing.
  2. Prepare a learning plan and get adequate study material that includes online courses, study guide, practice papers etc.
  3. Understand each and every topic briefly and practice every day before exam. Solve as much practice paper as you can.
  4. Connecting with individual with same interest or profession through online communities and forums will also help you understand the field from a closer view.
  5. Don’t try to rush the process and get enough rest before exam so that you have complete concentration on the day of exam.
  6. Before attempting the exam read the questions carefully and take your time to answer them.
  7. If you find a question difficult don’t be afraid to skip that and come back later to try to solve it
  8. Go through your answers carefully before submitting the exam and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

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Azure Certification Training Resources and Courses:

Microsoft provides a lot of training resources and courses for each Azure Certification, and some of the best ones are –

1. Microsoft Learn – It is an online platform which offers free courses and tutorials on Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies

2. Microsoft Official Practice Tests – In this, you get a series of practice edams that help you understanding the real Azure Certifications Exams and prepare it to the best.

3. Microsoft Certified Trainer – Microsoft Certified Trainer is SME who provides training for Microsoft Azure Exam in person either offline or online.

4. Azure Documentation – It includes a comprehensive guide describing all the services, tutorials and best practices to pass the exam.

Jobs and Salaries for Azure Certified Professionals:

With the high demand in cloud computing, professionals with Azure Cloud Certification have become the need of the hour. There are numerous job opportunities for Azure Certified professionals. Once you’re a Azure Certified professional, you can opt for Azure Solutions Architect, Azure Cloud engineer, Azure DevOps Engineer and Azure Developer.

Talking about the average salary for an Azure Certified Solutions Architect is $130,000 per year, for an Azure Cloud Engineer is $103,000 per year. Azure DevOps Engineer can earn up to $118,000 per year, while Azure Developers can earn up to $97,000 per year.


Microsoft Azure Certifications are becoming highly valuable in the tech industry and with more and more companies moving their operations to the cloud, it is opening a lot of job opportunities for the people with the same skills. Azure Certifications can not only open up new job opportunities but also increase your earning potential and provide a job security in the rapidly changing industry. Preparing and passing the Azure Certification allows you to demonstrate your best skills and implement cloud-based solutions effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Advance your career in tech with the Microsoft Azure Certification.

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