What Are The Top Benefits Of SolarWinds Orion Training

SolarWinds Training

For IT professionals, the SolarWinds Academy offers pertinent and excellent educational programs. Our training curriculum encourages a thorough understanding of the SolarWinds product line via certifications, instructor-led workshops, and eLearning videos.

What are Solar Winds Orion Training?

For on-premises, hybrid, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments, the SolarWinds Orion Platform, a potent, scalable infrastructure monitoring and management platform, improves accessibility to IT administration. By combining all monitoring capabilities into a single platform with cross-stack integrated functionality, the Orion Platform eliminates the need to manage a large number of point monitoring devices that are incompatible with one another.

The performance, bandwidth, storage, compliance, configuration changes, and security of the network are all monitored by the proactive network monitoring tool SolarWinds. It supports a wide range of vendors and technologies and is entirely web-based—simple to use and functional right out of the package.

Monitoring Network Performance Use the SNMP and CLI protocols to check the health and performance of network devices like routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and other similar devices.

Managed Network Traffic Use tools like Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX, and others to track and analyze bandwidth. Use ACL to traffic shaping to identify the top discussions, source destinations, and applications.

Administration of Network Configuration Telnet and SSH protocols are used to back up and monitor network device startup and running configurations. Get notifications of illegal configuration modifications.

Monitoring of Physical and Virtual Servers The CPU, memory, and disc use of Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen servers should be monitored. Watch Windows services, TCP services, events, processes, and more.

Handling of Firewall Logs Gather, save and examine firewall logs for compliance and safety. To detect user behavior and improve network security, monitor and modify firewall policies.

Managing switch ports and IP addresses Control area, accessibility, and history for Switch Ports and IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6).

Applications Inspection ensures that business-critical applications run at their best both inside data centers and on the cloud. offers monitoring assistance for well-known applications and the infrastructure components that support them from a single monitoring console.

The comprehensive network fault monitoring and performance management offered by SolarWinds’ NPM expands and scales to meet a company’s network monitoring needs. Users can quickly gather and monitor availability, real-time, routers, and historical statistics from servers, firewalls, switches, and any other SNMP, ICMP, or WMI-capable equipment via a web browser.

According to the company, users of SolarWinds can implement NPM without the help of a team of specialists and have a finished installation running the same day they download it. NPM gives users the real-time information they need to maintain their network’s peak performance by giving them visibility into the health of network devices and servers on the network.

With Network Performance Monitor, IT professionals can:

  • Find, identify, and fix network performance problems to prevent downtime
  • React to several conditional checks, associated events, and device dependencies
  • Using programmable thresholds based on peak and average demand, automatically determine the dates of capacity exhaustion
  • With a Web interface, simplify network troubleshooting
  • Look at the routes to important business services Using the NetPathTM capability, you may navigate hop-by-hop even into the cloud.
  • Using Cisco Nexus switches, Cisco ASA firewalls, and F5 BIG-IP load balancers’ Network InsightTM technologies, you may get better understanding of complicated network components.

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As a good IT practice and to safeguard your environment, SolarWinds advises clients to utilize the most recent software updates as soon as they are available. You can get quick access to the most recent software releases, technical assistance, beta and release candidate programs, and exclusive customer events by remaining in active maintenance.

Enhanced Security

The Secure by Design methodology is used by SolarWinds when creating and distributing secure software. For our platforms and products, we strive for best-in-class security. Maintaining maintenance ensures immediate access to security-enhancing software updates.

Superior Performance

Our development team and product management team always strive to bring new features and functionalities, bug fixes, and even significant improvements like “customer-only” product components. Being in maintenance guarantees that you have instant access to the most recent versions of your program, which frequently have significant speed enhancements.

Instruction and Technical Assistance

Continue to enjoy unrestricted access to our award-winning 24/7 SolarWinds technical assistance as well as our instructor-led product training at SolarWinds® Academy.

More benefits of Solar Winds Orion Training

  • To monitor server infrastructure and apps from several vendors, use a single Web interface.
  • Templates for monitoring that are pre-built for more than 200 enterprise applications.
  • It is simple to expand monitoring to almost any unique or in-house-developed app.
  • Become more aware of the context-specific dependencies and connections between apps, real servers, and virtual servers.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of the server hardware, forecast capacity, and manage asset inventory. Remotely fix server problems using built-in management tools.
  • Look for any problems that might be hurting the performance of your apps in the VMware and Hyper-V environments.
  • Manage the inventory of IT assets centrally and maintain tabs on server hardware and software details.
  • Use the extensive set of built-in alarms and reports and quickly modify them as necessary.
  • SAM is a monitoring program without agents. The installation of optional agents allows for cloud-based monitoring.

The SolarWinds Training course from Microtek Learning aids in the development of knowledge in the IT monitoring and management solutions made by SolarWinds, which are primarily designed for system administrators and network engineers who need robust and reasonably priced tools.

Our SolarWinds training courses provide in-depth understanding of advanced network management, databases, automation, installation and configuration, and log and event managers.

You can set oneself up with Microtek Learning’s SolarWinds Orion certification preparation training, which provides windows-based framework monitoring and arranges the board and framework disclosure programming to open and private ventures, training facilities, and military affiliations.

The training programming for SolarWinds Orion aids in developing a framework that may effectively enable the administrators’ mastermind structure, issue-checking, and official execution.

This course was officially created by the SolarWinds team, and we are their approved training partners. A powerful tool is SolarWinds NPM. The course has been specifically designed for IT specialists, Web developers, and site administrators who wish to improve their expertise in their fields of work. A site’s configuration and management abilities can be developed by learners with the aid of SolarWinds training services.

Directing internal checkpoint appraisals to evaluate your mid- and post-preparing information on the grounds is Microtek Learning’s best workmanship. With the advanced and organized SolarWinds classroom Training, it is a great opportunity to advance career possibilities. We expertly motivate your professional goals using a consistent technique and guide you through the accreditation process.

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