Top 15 Azure Training Courses To Start Your Career With

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Top 15 Azure Training Courses To Start Your Career With

Microsoft Azure Certification is highly in-demand and can lead to high-paying jobs in well-respected companies. For established professionals who want to grow their careers and reach new heights, it can be difficult to find the right certification course. This is true even if you're a recent college graduate looking to find your place in the cloud computing market.

We have put together a list of the most sought-after Azure Certification Paths as well as the top courses to save you from the headache of trying to find the right course for you.

Best Azure Training Courses

This article will discuss the 15 most sought-after Azure Training Courses. It will also examine the best courses for getting you started, what they cost, and why they are so attractive. These Azure certifications can be divided into four types: Expert, Specialist, Fundamental and Expert.

Azure Fundamentals Certifications

1. Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900

Link: AZ-900T00: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

The Azure Fundamentals course is high-quality and updated. It is also easy to understand. This Microsoft Azure training course was designed in a practical way. The instructor uses real-world scenarios to help you understand and reproduce problems. This course will help you get a firm grasp of all topics covered in the AZ900 exam.

2. Azure Data Fundamentals - DP-900

Link: DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Training

The course outline for Azure Data Fundamentals is simple to follow and covers all the fundamentals of data handling. This Microsoft Azure certification training requires no prior knowledge. Anyone new to Azure should take this course. It can be combined with Microsoft Learning to give you a solid foundation for studying for the DP900 exam.

3. Azure AI Fundamentals - AI-900

Link: AI-900T00: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Training

The Azure AI Fundamentals course is brief and to the point, covering topics like conversational AI workloads, and machine learning principles with clear explanations and examples. Additionally, this Microsoft Azure Certification training course features practice labs that will assist you with your subject matter. The mock exam will help you identify your weaknesses after you have answered the questions.

4. SC-900 - Azure Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals

Link: SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity Fundamentals Training

SC-900 is limited in its online resources. This course's objective is to help students comprehend the concepts. You will also receive notes, sample questions, tips and tricks from the instructor to help you get certified Azure developer.

Azure Associate Certificates

5. Azure Data Scientist Associate - DP-100

Link: DP-100T01: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure Training

The course is well-structured and illustrated. The course covers almost every topic covered in the DP100 exam. The instructor is a master at breaking down complex topics into smaller, more digestible sections. You can learn the subject more quickly by taking the quizzes.

6. Azure Security Engineer Associate – AZ-500

Link: AZ-500T00: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Associate (Security Engineer) Training

This Azure Security Engineer Associate is for professionals who want to become Azure Certified. Not only does the instructor break down complicated subjects into smaller pieces that are easier to understand, but they also explain and execute each step of the Azure portal. This makes it easier for professionals to reproduce and understand.

7. Azure Database Administrator Associate - DP-300

Link: DP-300: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure Training

The course covers topics such as SQL resource security, Transact-SQL administration tasks, monitoring and optimizing Azure SQL database performance, and optimization. Aclouguru is the cheapest option in the pack. It doesn't end there.

8. Azure Administrator Associate - AZ-104

Link: AZ-104T00: Microsoft Azure Administrator Training

It's no secret that the exam for the Microsoft Azure certification course is very difficult. This Azure Administrator Associate course includes practice tests and quizzes that will help you retain the information you have learned. All content has been updated to the most recent version of AZ104. You will find 186 practice questions to help you prepare. The instructor also provides explanations for any missed questions. Labs are used a lot in the course. By doing so, you will be able to follow and put into practice the examples, giving you greater practical experience.

9. Azure Developer Associate - AZ-204

Link: AZ-204T00: Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure (Developer) Training

Microtek Learning offers straightforward, understandable explanations to assist you in becoming a certified Azure developer. You will also find practice questions and case studies in the course. The practice tests include many of the same questions as the latest version of AZ204. Case studies provide further insight into the topics covered.

10. Azure AI Engineer Associate - AI-100/AI-102

Link: AI-102: Designing & Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution Training

It is important to note that the AI-102 test will shortly replace the AI-100 exam as the prerequisite for Microsoft Azure certification. The material for the AI-102 exam will also soon change. The instructor has done a great job in creating a concise course that will provide you with quality information. To get the most from this course, you need to be familiar with several fundamental AI concepts. We advise you to review Azure AI's foundations before purchasing this course.

11. Azure Data Engineer Associate - DP-203

Link: DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Training

DP-203 will soon replace DP-200. The best thing about the Azure certification course is its completeness. Every topic in the exam is covered by the instructor. The course also includes videos and practice exams that cover every topic. Basic knowledge of database concepts is required, since the test assumes that you have used it in a fundamental capacity.

12. SC-300 Identity and Access Administrator Associate

Link: SC-300: Microsoft Identity & Access Administrator Training

This Microsoft Azure certification course teaches by Azure experts how to secure active directories, PAM infrastructures and deal with authorization and authentication. It also explains Securing Privileged Access (SPA) in detail.The course offers numerous video lessons for people who find them to be more engaging than reading. He also provides a lab for you to practice the material and links to additional documentation.

13. Security Operations Analyst Associate – SC-200

Link: SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Training

Instructor explains the essential topics of the test. She also explains how to secure your Azure environment and teaches you the best practices and basics of Azure security.

These Azure certification courses also include video content and examples. Microtek Learning  is also available to answer questions directly.

This course will not be enough to prepare for SC-200. The questions are remarkably comparable to those on the actual exam, despite their simplicity.

Azure Expert Certifications

14. DevOps Engineer Expert - AZ-400

Link: AZ-400 Microsoft Azure Devops Solution Training

This course covers the design and implementation of continuous integrations, as well as the creation and maintenance of efficient delivery strategies.

Microsoft Learn paths for AZ-400 are another great resource to enhance your knowledge. Resources you can utilize include:

The resources above, along with Pluralsight’s AZ-400 learning pathway, will give you all the information you need to pass the exam.

Azure Specialty Certificates

15. Azure IoT Developer Specialty - AZ-220

Link: AZ-220T00: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer Training

Instructors do an excellent job explaining IoT concepts and IoT usage. Additionally, they cover most of the services you will need. Instructors are great at explaining things clearly and concisely, as well as providing visual aids and answering questions. 


Although certifications won't land you the dream job, they are an important step in showing recruiters and companies that you care about your career. Multiple certifications are more attractive to recruiters. This can translate into better pay, benefits and even seniority when you join a new company.

Azure Training courses will help you learn and grow your career. You can always contact Microtek Learning if you have any questions about any Microsoft Azure Certification or Course.

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