Dynamics 365 Certification Exam: What to Expect and How to Pass

Dynamics 365 Certification

Are you a functional consultant, developer, solution architect, administrator, or working with the Microsoft 365 product? Then you are on the right way to get the certificate. Investing in your professional growth and earning certification can support you in acquiring your career objectives in the technological industry.

It connects customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This tool manages customer data, automates business processes, and delivers an understanding of customer behavior. The major tech companies include Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Infor.

You can use Dynamics 365 to manage customer relationships, track sales performance, automate marketing campaigns, and look at customer data.

This certification demonstrates your expertise in configuring, modifying, and enhancing this popular CRM product. The Dynamics 365 certification qualifies you for Entry-level positions like Technical Support Engineer, Dynamics 365 Developer, and System Administrator, and Implementation Consultant.

You need to pass the next two tests to get certified.

  • Exam MB2-715: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online Deployment
  • Exam MB2-716: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration

Importance of Obtaining the Certificate

  • Your income potential may increase if you acquire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification. The accreditation certifies your proficiency and competence in utilizing the platform and demonstrates your expertise in delivering value to organizations. Ultimately, you will get desirable posts leading to lucrative job prospects.
  • By earning certification, which demonstrates your commitment to the industry and willingness to keep up with the most recent technologies, you can raise your professional profile and create new prospects for career progression.
  • This certification offers proof to support businesses in meeting their needs and fostering growth.

In order to progress your career and stay competitive in the employment market, becoming certified in MS Dynamics 365 is crucial.

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Understanding the Dynamics 365 Certification Exam

Overview of the exam structure and format

Most of the Microsoft exam consists of 40-60 questions; however, the digits can vary depending on the exam. Exam duration depends with the sort of exam you’re taking.

The exam comes in different formats, such as multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, which test your design knowledge and skills.

Explanation of the exam objectives and subjects covered

Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and certification programs give people the abilities needed to properly use the platform.

These courses cover data management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, and more. By completing the courses, individuals can obtain a certification proving their mastery of the Dynamics 365 platform.

There are various Dynamics 365 certifications available.

Here a list of Dynamics 365 certifications are available on sites.

Let’s have a look at it.

Tips for Success

Developing a solid understanding of Dynamics 365 concepts and technologies

We understand your needs, so we have structured our training course to benefit anyone and improve their knowledge and skills. Using blended-live or private on-site training, you can learn in a classroom or online with an instructor or at your own pace.

Practicing hands-on experience with Dynamics 365

Putting what you’ve learned into practice is essential to keep track of your progress. One can enhance their replying abilities through training, thereby reducing their time consumption. Additionally, we advise beginning practise exams whenever you have finished studying one topic.

Reviewing and mastering key exam topics

 As a review tool, a practice exam will be beneficial. Moreover, it is recommended to commence practicing tests after completing a complete topic, as this will serve as a revision aid. I also recommend starting to take practice exams after you have completed one module. It will be helpful for you as a review tool.

Learning from the exam experience of others

You can ask about the exam format of others who have appeared in Dynamic 365. Their experience will help you a lot in the exam time.

Seeking additional resources or study groups for support and guidance

One may join the online forum, where discussions and research are more comprehensive.

Study groups are very effective in fostering the kind of community that is necessary to comprehend others. Interacting with people with similar goals will help you achieve them.

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Features of Dynamics 365 Certification

  • Streamlined operations and improved productivity.
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction.
  • Increased agility and adaptability to market changes.
  • Centralized data management and real-time access to information.


You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn about Dynamics 365 certification. Microtek Learning offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 training to learn the latest skills as soon as possible.

If you put your professional development and certification first, you can move your career forward and reach your goals in the IT industry.

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