What is ITIL Certification? Overview and Career Paths

ITIL Certification

The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework was created to standardize all processes connected to IT service management, including selection, planning, creation, delivery, support, and analysis. ITIL management enables data gathering, analysis, and description by using trusted access and evaluation procedures. It is the world’s most used IT service management framework for achieving predictable service levels and boosting productivity.

Overview of ITIL Certifications

The need to hire and train people in data mining and analysis is becoming a full-fledged demand in the industry as data assets develop exponentially. This is where workers interested in establishing themselves as data scientists or analysts are forced to take the ITIL Certification Training. By passing an ITIL certification test, you demonstrate your ability to manage IT service organizations of any size using the ITIL’s extensive expertise.

There are four certification levels:

1. ITIL Foundation level certification, which is focused on the language and delivery methods of the ITIL service support (2 credits),

2. The ITIL Intermediate level certification consists of several optional education modules, from which you can select two while retaining the Service Lifecycle module Mandatory and adding one more module (15 credits),

3. Obtaining an ITIL Expert Level certificate verifies your understanding of the complete ITIL framework (22 credits) and

4. Planning, management, and operations are required for ITIL Professional Level certification and comprehensive practical IT service management skills (No extra credits but at least five years of IT Domain work experience).

*At each level, the credits are added. Hence, prior credits are taken into account at higher levels.

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ITIL Certification Price

The price of the ITIL curriculum varies depending on the institution and level. It also depends on how many days are in the training course. The price typically ranges from $200 to $1000, depending on how long the training program lasts. The ITIL Training curriculum lasts between two and seven days.

The approximate cost for each level is listed below; however, keep in mind that it may differ from institute to institute based on their lecturers’ expertise, teaching methods, etc.

The cost of the ITIL Certification exam or course may increase over time.

Course NameCountryFees
ITIL Foundation (from an accredited Institution)USA$205.00
ITIL Foundation (Directly)USA$226.00
ITIL IntermediateUSA$750.00
ITIL ExpertUSA$750.00
ITIL ProfessionalUSA$4,500.00

Who will gain from an ITIL® Certification?

Advantages of ITIL® Certification for Individuals

If you wish to develop a standard for how to apply the IT service management model to your real-world IT-related responsibilities, adding ITIL to your task list will be helpful. It is a beneficial addition to the individual resume. The ITIL training and certification are evidence of a professional’s proficiency with the ITIL platform.

Advantages of ITIL® Certification for Organizations

Any IT activity can use the reliable ITIL framework. It can be used from the identification phase through planning, development, delivery, and support to produce improved process structures. It can improve the caliber of their job by giving your IT managers, consultants, directors, business analysts, and other staff members a competitive advantage to dominate the market with the best IT practices.

ITIL is the largest organization in the world’s IT management knowledge base, a sizable library. Taking an ITIL course will give IT professionals the thorough and flexible skills they need to run and manage the best practices in IT management

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